Pass Me the Rope {Choose Life VIII)
Pass Me the Rope {Choose Life VIII) optimism stories

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Life is not a leisurely nor simple stroll It is a mountain ascent, with horizons to behold. Part of the choose life series. Hope this serves you well.

Pass Me the Rope {Choose Life VIII)

Life is not a leisurely nor simple stroll

It is a mountain ascent, with horizons to behold.

The journey is rewarding yet takes its toll.

Fortitude and resilience your belay.

Willingness to fight and on the mountain side stay.

Even in harsh storms of depression that bray.

Sometimes we take benightment and remain.

The climb can continue but for now you abstain.

Locked in fear of the new day, weak and faint.

Your sturdy grip your vision must not taint.

Hold on and anchor yourself with restraint.

There are bolts in the mountain side.

Where other climbers climbed, and others died.

Harness all that you have to follow their path.

Some will hinder you and cut the bolts with wrath.

Will ill words and ill content yet we must do the math.

This trail upon the mountain is for any to follow.

And to fall behind and not anchor will leave your troop in sorrow.

Never abseil always rise climbing with the peak in your eyes.

People can be like chockstones when weight and faith is given to them, they can have you fall.

Be vigilant have others that nurture as you need them in the long haul.

And they need you to guide the rope.

For all you know on you they rely so that the rope does not choke.

Without you there might not be enough faith to complete a dyno bespoke.

Without you when they jump for the grab, they might just croak.

Be the supporting line in experience of a failed climb.

As, you might find that you are assisted in time.

For some are still only on the approach.

They might need your guidance as a coach.

Be another's camming device offer them security.

Teach them of how you once had insecurity.

And when your edging in the pain.

Keep forthright knowing others felt the same.

Yes, some are on-sight and climb with ease.

Yet they may never have felt a harsh breeze.

If you can climb in any conditions, then it is a rendition.

A performance of great will and might.

Even if you rest in night.

And the cracks and crevasses are hard to find.

Your balance set off by climbers left behind.

Or that didn't make it.

Don't forsake it, this climb, clamber with all your might.

So that you may find purpose to hold on tight.

For in struggle something great happens.

You can learn to climb in any condition.

Even if you are dripping in sweat and drenched in exhaustion.

You can climb and take a part of the mountain as your portion.

Your friends need you as a spotter on this climb.

And they are there or are to be sought and to find.

Life's a mountain no one wants to leave you behind.

Keep reaching up clamber with all your might.

To the rock face hold tight.

For when you reach a plateau you will have moments of elation and rectitude.

Don't leave anyone on the mountain lost and destitute.

And when you conquer the mountain then take in the sight.

With a higher sense of view of all that you have struggled up on through.

Keep climbing my friend, until you reach the zenith.

Let the valley hear your echoing voice rift.

Proud that though your climb went adrift.

You relentlessly continued proud and swift.

Love yourself.

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