Pallas - A Deity of Matriarchal Power
Pallas - A Deity of Matriarchal Power mythology stories

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A deity of might and military prowess. A serene sense of logia to profess. Guess the deity if you can? References from a 120 year old book I was blessed to obtain.

Pallas - A Deity of Matriarchal Power

A deity of might and military prowess.

A serene sense of logia to profess.

Delicate hands wield craftmanship of the highest.

Across her chest she bares a head of the gorgon on a crest.

This goddess wields a shield and spear.

Defending the states and agrarian peoples without fear.

A war with prudence has drums pounding for all to hear.

When ignorance's steers the dull witted.

Her spirit is embittered.

Before the days of these people anthropomorphised the deities.

She was a woodland creature living high in the trees.

With a vision all-encompassing of every horizon.

Never of tomfoolery was she a beguiled one.

With justice pure and true her wings beat above the city states.

With time the animal joined her side and she assumed human traits.

Along with cock and the snake.

Her name taken for great cities her face printed on ancient coins.

Her heritage unknown be of a giant or the god heads loins.

Great poets have uttered her name and idealised her ways.

Philosophers calling on her to sit aside them in contemplation's haze.

Her roles so many and a testament to the power of matriarchy.

Even in war there is a sense of prudence in the anarchy.

From the earth she gifted the olive growth.

Swearing to help many heroes with a good sense as her oath.

The tapestries weaved in her honour break the silence of the other. Destroy duress.

Her many functions and prowess a deity that even man would bow and unto profess.

In a society chained by slavery and the rule of man.

A goddess stood firm spear in hand.

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