Paenes to the Greek God of Poetry
Paenes to the Greek God of Poetry

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Apollo the Greek and Roman Deity A poetic god of piety

Paenes to the Greek God of Poetry

Apollo the Greek and Roman Deity

A poetic god of piety

Protection of the young

Oh, the songs once sung

Lifting the rising sun

So that life never ceases to be done

Oh Apollo bless me with lyrics and prose

The words and vocabulary you can bestow

To reach ascension in my style

To illustrate and never defile

The wonderous bounty of nature

Your prophetic ways

Save me in my mortal blaze

I will rise like a phoenix like the sun

On your hardened back

I am no Atlas

At last I see

Mellifluous serenades

The rift enervates

As I reach to Olympus

Apollo I am gracious

For all the faces

On comamful site

For all you have made an incitement

With thanks I lament

Oh god of poetry and prophecy

Thanks for the blessings that be.

This site where all can see

A myriad of your inspiration

Your divination.

Oh lord of the muses

Here on Commaful don’t refute us

Writers note: A prayer to Apollo. I don't believe in the old gods though the culture is rich and I do believe in muses. Whatever your muse is invoke Apollo and write I have thoroughly enjoyed reading and writing on this site thank you all and almost a 100 followers I'm flabbergasted. Where's Apollo when you need him.

Why not write your own: Paenes to the god of Poetry? Paenes is the name of the hymns sung to him for blessings. Id also be really interested to learn what the deity is in other religions...

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