Blank Expression
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If you have never felt this way I kind of envy you. If you do feel this way from time to time stay strong brethren. A poem about staring into a brick wall.

Blank Expression

Staring into the distant shores of a stone wall.

Held in a constant pause hoping to stand tall.

Always persistent yet still on the verge of a great fall.

Failure insistent struggling to answer life's call.

In the pit of the stomach a churning motion.

As I sit life passes by with such commotion.

I'm gripped by frivolous existential notions.

Oddly uplifted by the fact I am a drop in the ocean.

Retired in exuberant energy to outpour.

Sired so much lacklustre achievement I hit the floor.

Riled and flustered that we all experience this uproar.

Sired a mustered strength to say enough is enough no more.

Dealing with restlessness and defeat as into my problems I burrow.

The feeling that I still often retreat into my minds own furlough.

Now willing to defeat my mental health and break the sorrow.

Still beating myself up but gallantly seeking a brighter tomorrow.

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