Orpheus The First Poet and Musician {Greek Mythology Series}
Orpheus The First Poet and Musician {Greek Mythology Series} poetry stories

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Orpheus not to be confused with the Greek God Morpheus. Source for the facts come from a book published in 1893. Interested in Music History? Includes dragons...

Orpheus The First Poet and Musician {Greek Mythology Series}


This orator of song weighs heavy on my mind.

As, mythical tales and great oration bind.

Said to be one of the oldest poets and musicians of human time.

He is dubbed by poet Pindar as the 'Father of Songs'.

There are two key legends that live long.

And one influence on western philosophy that remains strong.

These two notions core and with western ideas throng.

For Plato would listen to his poetic extols.

And listen to how the mythology unfurls.

In the time of the Argonauts and the quest for the golden fleece.

He was known both above earth on and beneath.

As the greatest musician hitherto to have had talent by the muses bequeathed.

His lyre so beautiful the golden harp attired sounds so melodical that it could move stone.

Wild beasts and trees were subdued in relaxation with the melodies of his harp's tones.

When the argonauts ship was to be crushed by two great rocks his melodical magic held them in suspense in cyclones.

He would go on to temper the dragon that guarded the fleece though it was often fiercely prone.

The next myth is one that is sad as he would ultimately die alone.

Eurydice his wife died of the bite of a serpent near his Thrace cavern home.

So, he was so grief stricken and brave that he would into Hades itself roam.

There in the belly of Hades his prayer was granted, though there was a clause a cornerstone.

So, from the belly of hades to the fatal bounds of the upperworld he was not to look at her and have faith that he was to chaperone.

Just as he reached the temporal earth zone.

He turned questioned faith and looked too early and with that his prayers right was disowned.

She was dragged back into the belly of hades into this time the infernal regions aside the dark ones throne.

No longer could he have anything other than the sacred love between one man and woman to be something he condones

Distraught and in desperation Orpheus became one of ill contempt towards the Thracian women's polygamy.

And in return they insidiously tore him limb from limb into many pieces and lopped off his head and cast it of the shores of lesbos.

The home of Terpander the first historical musician.

Some in the times of Plato made the decision to join a philosophical school of music and poetry the 'followers of Orpheus'.

And worshiped Dionysus. Plato enjoyed the Orphic poetry.

How much of his wisdom is owed to the legends and mysteries of Orpheus?

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