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One sour day. Should never stay.

Optimism and release

One sour day.

Should never stay.

In your mind longer than today.

Defeat your feeling and rejoice in play.

The moment passed leave it to lay.

Seize the moment and the day.

In emotional outlook as well as for betterment of tomorrow's day.

In the shade of a moment passed. You can see your present moments as a half empty glass.

Act with good class and do not amass your feelings in the present because of the past.

Do not let your outlook of the day cast you away.

Let your mind forget it for the day absorb yourself anyway to the act of play.

Chilling or chatting. Whatever it may be. What ever it may be that happened earlier we can say and sing. I do not carry with me. And the past is not within.

It has withered and my freedom of present is now pearlescent.

I am here, not there. Why would one wear in there outlook a despair. If they have moved to a moment full of care or at least some moments to catch some air.

Peace and love Akuna mattata

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