Noble Knight of the Harrowing. -Medieval Poem-
Noble Knight of the Harrowing. -Medieval Poem- noble stories

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A noble knight nefariously niggles nets and sets the peasants free.
Im not sure if this historical poem is going to be the cup of tea for everyone yet i hope someone learns something new or at least is revived in their passion for the knights of the ye old age that would fight for the Noble dignity of all.

Noble Knight of the Harrowing. -Medieval Poem-

A noble knight nefariously niggles nets and sets the peasants free.

Peculiar pursuits in eons past fox hunting is the most recent and the last.

In ancient times the trail of trapping chaps in traps and hunts.

The brunt of the sorrow was the harrowing of the north. When they even took our runts.

They would set off to the north of England where barbarians supposedly resided.

Hunt the people as their prizes, those southern fairies were demons.

Amoral yet there were mighty men with more nobleness than need be mentioned. upon both sides.

They would have the pretention to stop the human hunts by the southern lords.

If you’re from the south of England do not go against my accord.

For it was both our ancestors that died by the medieval sword.

1069-70 The harrying of the north created an aristocracy that sought to hunt and coerce.

They would send many a man to the hearse. Fox hunting is now the modern form again there is no nobleness sworn.

William the conqueror was a leader with no mercy. The Norman invasion was a holocaust in the north. To be terse.

History develops and it could have been worse. But there is nothing noble about hunting for fun.

It was like hunger games without the guns.

Such malicious rulers should be done.

So that the noble can have their message loud and sung.

Life is sacred - forever young resides the runts hunted like animals.

The seminal thing is that it still resides on earth genocide and hunts for fun.

Something will have its vengeance when their evil lives are done.

I am not a noble one. But in the message of the knight I stay strong.

Protect the weak from the harrowing darkness of night. Give light to the shadow of the moon.

And be prepared in the name of love to meet your maker soon.

Source : The Harrying, which took place over the winter of 1069–70, saw William’s knights lay waste to Yorkshire and neighbouring shires. Entire villages were razed and their inhabitants killed, livestock slaughtered and stores of food destroyed.

This scorched-earth operation is one of the defining episodes of the Conquest, not just from a military-political perspective but also in terms of how it has shaped modern perceptions of the Normans as a tyrannical and merciless warrior class.

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