Nightmare -the space alien demon- short story
Nightmare -the space alien demon- short story doctorwho stories
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The night was drawing in like any other. Although the stars had not been seen by the cloak of the clouds for many weeks. The young man felt it was only a matter of time that these constellations never seen would be seen.

Nightmare -the space alien demon- short story

The night was drawing in like any other. Although the stars had not been seen by the cloak of the clouds for many weeks.

The young man felt it was only a matter of time that these constellations never seen would be seen.

The day was like any other the night like none before.

As, he lifted the blanket over his eyes he felt unease. It was not long since that he had been bitten in his sleep by a foul creature.

Nonetheless he closed his weary eyes and drifted off to the land of zzzzzzzzzzzs

This night was a nightmare of such visual realness that would petrify anyone.

He awoke in a pub and there he was told he was an addict to hard drugs though none had ever made him a fiend.

He was shunned by everyone. In this dream.

His family his friends all turned there back. He was panicking how could his life had gone so far off track.

He walked from the place where they had told him to leave and grieved the loss of loved ones. To an addiction he did not have.

Now, he was alone.

And it was the perfect time for the nightmare to take a whole new direction.

As he sat aside a lake, he noticed slight powdering of snow and at the other side a cantankerous being hankering and swirling the water with some kind of device.

It made a bellowing sound a strange ominous sound. That reverberated across the lake.

Suddenly a flash of light hit the lake and the sounds harmonised with the water's molecules rippling in the centre.

Out from it leaped a demon not one of Christian mythology or any earth know mythology.

The beasts howled you have allowed us to take our form on earth. They cackle to the cantankerous man at the other side of the lake.

Though they say it was not you alone it was the light muffled sobbing of that lonely man. That man had no intention to help us take our form. So, now he must die.

Our man suddenly felt a sense of panic and began to run across the powdered snow. His boots fell off and slid down the embankment into the lake.

The creature with its long greenish blue head and ripe fangs cackled and meticulously swept each molecule of water to her side until she touched the powdered snow on the shore.

She revealed her scales and there was more. More creatures that followed though they did nothing she was enough to make this man squeal. This lonely man.

Her claws reached for his gut and sliced she screeched and kept him alive. So that the pain was ever more painful. Draining him of faith and sensibility.

He panicked and screamed she laughed its only a dream.

He realised it was a nightmare though there was no way out the pain seemed so real as she began to wrap her hands around his organs and feel what was left of his withered frame.

He was alive in a nightmare all the same.

He begged and screamed as the alien demon reeled the water up and commanded icicles of snow and whipped through his skin with a blow from her sharp tongue the ice did beat bash and stung.

As his organs trailed behind him she kept the mellow screech so that his heart would continue to beat.

He once again forgot it was a nightmare and began to scream no dream so vivid and clear as this pool of blood and tears.

There was no option left all he could do was tussle in his bed. He remembered it was a dream and screeched for the Doctor.

Suddenly matt smith appeared from a knight's armour that garnished the front of the pubs door. He let out his sonic screwdriver and the alien demon beast was no more.

Then it began again this time aside a beach this time the doctor was sat aside his feet.

The demon beast was cast away and the man awoke in his bed no longer alone but with his sleeping wife instead. He praised the heavens for his revenant state.

He wondered why he would be victim to such a nightmare state. This man now awakes humble and open minded to what the universe has in its darkest corners. Walks to the garden to light a smoke

There for the first time is the stars so bespoke. The ones he had not seen for so many weeks.

And on the horizon the river and its gentle creeks.

He looks up into the sky once more dishevelled petrified by his door.

He sees a flashing light. He knows it's a plane yet he says "thank you doctor and good night.

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