Nation Pangea {Extended letter of Unity} Are you Superior?
Nation Pangea {Extended letter of Unity} Are you Superior? poem stories

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Nation Pangea Long before human time the continents were one. We must emulate this and unify as one equal nation of people of Earth. This is a battle with superiority, as a notion.

Nation Pangea {Extended letter of Unity} Are you Superior?

Nation Pangea

Long before human time the continents were one.

And its likely that they will be again long after we are gone.

Ever wondered what is meant when someone says we are living in Babylon?

It means that from certain duties humanity absconds.

I ain't gonna preach about jah its for you to cotton on.

But when it comes to human dignity and unity, we should have a salon.

If your divisive then I think you're an ugly duckling who's certainly a swan all along.

I invite you to join the chorus of one love and redemption song.

And if you don't change your mind by the end of this rhyme

I'm happy to let you think I think you are a moron.

Its time to turn that brain of yours on.

We are all earth spawn.

And you may be like oh yawn.

In that incident it means you are torn.

From the need this earth has of you.

We are one species it's undeniably true.

These notions of superiority we should break through.

This our earth, we are earth bound until we bid life adieu.

We certainly have differences, but they are few.

I have an open heart, open arms and there's some knowledge I have accrued.

That division and racism or elitism is a state of mind a changeable attitude.

Though if we blow it in their faces riding high horses being rude.

Then the message of equality will be missed and in their minds never imbued.

That's cause that's a moral elitism that we allow to ensue.

Its contradictory to the message that we try to descript to the Elitist.

If you've done so don't be defeatist.

If you believe you are superior, you need to hear this.

No one is superior in any dimension...

Intellectual, physical and even moral.

We could realise this an end our quarrels.

We all have our own either obvious or hidden talents.

We need to stop hating and do away with our talons.

We need to heighten things in our societies eyes like being gallant.

It takes a lot of bravery to admit you were wrong.

It takes a lot of bravery even if its an obvious truth to admit your race is not the most strong.

Why cause when you have believed in something so long.

Then sometimes with it your identity and social environment is thronged.

You have to say to your identity and sometimes your community goodbye and so long.

We need to think about the astronaut Niel Armstrong.

One small step for man one giant leap for mankind in his definition it was the whole of humanity that resides.

It's everyone's pride.

Its how we define things in the human mind.

As we critique our thoughts we soon find.

We create stereotypes that forms prejudice when there is a human behind.

We all have a heart that beats this should be a powerful enough sign.

Let me tell you now trying to reason with a chauvinist is not a waste of time.

Cause when you strip away everything that makes them feel superior to another.

Then your left with another earthborn sister or brother.

Nation Pangea I'm not talking about continents that shifted.

Im talking about no one in society being seen as a blister.

No ones voice being made a redundant whisper.

Its about forming a nation in your mind that includes everyone in sight.

That is that only equality is what we incite.

Love and unity to be more precise.

Cause if you think you are superior to someone you with a number of things are rolling the dice.

Human unity

Peace and security

Even you damn soul

Am not saying Jah is certain but you can at least hold that there is a slight chance

And every religion has some unified concepts you could say a general stance.

At core all the holy books say we are equal under God or the cosmic laws.

I don't want fear to be the only reason you pick up equalitys cause

So, I apologise for that diversion and rational pause

So, as I was saying superiority complexes breed wars.

If you think war is a good thing your sick in the mind and damaged within.

And if that comment makes you have a malice grin.

I promise one day you will realise a simple thing.

That you are spoilt.

Probably never even tasted the kiss of the angel of deaths wings.

Or listened and studied the chaos that war brings.

At this point you think I've gone off tangent and that I'm not being linear.

Well you be wrong as I was laying the foundation so I can lay the veneer.

Life is not about the domination of the strong over the weak.

And I don't need to mention god, philosophy or anything like that when this notion I speak.

I just need to ask you to turn to social Darwinism and mutualism.

The fact is you are in a mental prison.

Brought about by a charismatic malevolent sociopaths decision.

To misquote Darwin. Its not survival of the fittest.

It's time to see the wood from the trees.

Its survival of the fittest species.

One of the characteristics being mutual reliance a symbiosis.

That is, we need everyone, yet chauvinists don't seem to know this.

And before you discard these notions to the abyss.

'Origin of species' I know you have not read this.

And so, do you. Otherwise you'd know what I say is true.

Just because you heard something doesn't make it true.

One thing I can tell you that you can contemplate is that equality is true.

There is endless evidence for that too.

You just have to look beyond your selfishness and choose.

To think about the bigger picture.

Love thy neighbour what a beautiful and simple scripture.

You don't have to believe in God to see its philosophical logic.

Now its really hard to think of why you think you are a superior being

Therefore the last possibility that am a seeing..

Is that it's socialised.

That is that you learnt the idea from someone you looked up to with those needy eyes.

In which case you need to think can I let my belief in superiority die.

And I could say some other things that I choose not to cause I don't wanna pry.

But deep down I know you know that there was no real happiness there.

The point is there are people out there who literally care...

About you despite the fact you're the opposite and do the opposite of what you should do.

Your human family is waiting for you.

Join us as equals together we are stronger.

Let superiority reign in your heart no longer.

Together we can have hate conquered.

And bring about the new era.


Let's build Nation Pangea!

Its start here with you turning to the truth of equality.

Nation Pangea the boundaries the stratosphere.

The race humanity.

The value humane dignity and equality.

These things can ensure a greater future.

Lets revel in our similarities and learn from our differences.

Nation Pangea needs you to be gallant, chauvinist

To admit you are wrong and help build this nation of bliss!

In this nation-state we call the World.

Thanks for reading Earthborn brethren. Now in this new golden age of telecommunication we can reach out to one another and leave no one to be ostracised. UNIFY!

We need you Earth born

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