Multiculturalism and Equality
Multiculturalism and Equality unity stories
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Diversity and individualism Collectively is a beautiful prism
A poem on how beautiful difference is and how individualism can mae a collective whole.

Multiculturalism and Equality

Diversity and individualism

Collectively is a beautiful prism

Likened to a flower bed

Each person flowering in good stead

Individual people as a collective whole

Eyes in delight as they role

Across multiculturism

It’s simply a decision

To appreciate the diversity of the garden

The garden of humanity begs your pardon

As we look each person individual

Like a myriad of flowers in vigil

So, we thrive together

Like wings and every feather

The petals of our personalities

Fettle our beautifying realities

How bland a flower bouquet?

That’s all the same; make unity your forte.

So as the light shines on your day

Your roots firm in the earth feeling the rays

Think of the unity of a diverse garden

We seek to soften hearts not harden

Never sow the seeds of discontent

Diversity in the garden of humanity we lament

So, flower alongside your earthly kin

Before the light of life begins to dim.

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