Motor Mouth {Choose Life}
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Don't let depression and the pressure take you off the road. Gauge what the world needs. And that's you!

Motor Mouth {Choose Life}

Ideas are the vehicle for change.

When we don't listen, we put the break on the movement.

When we are misguided by ego we are steered in the wrong direction.

When we settle too quickly with an idea, we have not used the powers of the parking detection.

When we listen to someone, we don't need suspension.

Life is a road the vehicles our minds.

Ideas the fuel.

And there is one simple rule.

Don't stop driving to your destination.

The world needs you take a gentle drive.

The world needs you to drive safe and survive.

So, please never think of suicide.

Leave that feeling at the roadside.

Because people on the road naturally die.

There are more people learning to drive.

They might need you in the passenger seat.

And you may get exhausted.

As you cruise and see the world pass by.

While you drive to where land meets the sky.

Never cease to try.

Step up the gear.

Live free from fear.

And whenever you get depressed that you haven't reached your destination.


Sometimes you can just go for a drive

To feel alive.

No destination is needed.

Use the horsepower in your spirit.

What am trying to say is

Keep driving forward is the empiric.

Cause people need you on the passenger side.

If, you know them yet or not!

So, take your life by the helm.

And keep rolling.

The world needs diligent drivers.

The world needs depressions survivors.

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