In need of a rewire
In need of a rewire cable stories

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A broken circuit in the mind. A poem about mental breakdowns caused by continual stress and insomnia. And an absence of something. Intended as if an android with AI is talking about depression.

In need of a rewire

A broken circuit in the mind. Cables shake and wind. Bouncing and ricocheting all the time.

All it conducts is bad thoughts. The heart the battery stands taught.

Emotions overload quite fraught. The engine the brain making a motionless frame.

All action is refrained. This broken circuit needs to be tamed.

Rewired and freshly reinstalled. The mind buzzing in need of overhaul.

Electrical signals buzzing bouncing of bone walls.

Suddenly sleep calls.

A moment of rest in the flurry. Waking up to the blurry restart.

The only remedy words of the heart. If only they were had at the start.

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