Malicious Strategy
Malicious Strategy life stories

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A free form poem about being used by another person. And how we should never view life as game.

Malicious Strategy

Life is not a game and you are not the queen nor king.

Yet when people make strategic decisive assaults, we often find ourselves wincing.

Life is often like a chess board black and white even with the full colours of spring.

Careful as your opponent may be biding his time for check mate during your upswing.

Carefully clutching a strategy to see you knock the piece.

To see you boil under the pressure and foray your peace.

Sometimes we are misguided and coerced to mere pawns.

Strategically manipulated sometimes to have even our own loved one's scorn.

Every being on the board one to morn.

Then one day as if a perfect storm.

We wake to the strategy of those who have malicious intent adorned.

Learning from our misgivings and mistakes and welcoming words when warned.

We learn not to trust the underhand.

We learn to be aware of malicious strategies as if a notable brand.

We learn every piece is valued no matter how grand.

We learn to never knock the king and always stand.

That forfeiting is not a stance.

And soon across the board peace begins to dance.

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