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Loves Design {Natural Science series} poem stories

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Mutualism - Loves Design Mutualism like Aesop's fable.
Hope you enjoy this piece and find a beauty in it...

Loves Design {Natural Science series}

Mutualism - Loves Design

Mutualism like Aesop's fable.

Essentially, it says together greatness we enable.

Mutualism is a form of symbiosis.

One of care and kindness how many know of this?

Yet have heard of the bee and the flower.

So, why when we think of symbiosis do we turn sour.

Acaceia ants inhabit bullhorn plants.

Roaming grazers are decanted.

Without the ants it would be pointless to have the bull horn planted.

Neither survive without the other.

And so, does nature ney scream we should be lovers.

Protect and provide a home.

There is more that nature has shown.

Like the clownfish nemo hides in anemone.

Nature is crying out we are interdependent don't be alone.

There are endless examples in the ocean beneath.

Shrimp clean fish in and outside the coral reef.

Birds clean hippos' teeth.

A hippo arguably the most dangerous animal of the natural world.

Accompanied by a delicate bird.

Now I could go on although it would be a waste of words.

With our outlook on the social and life this can be merged.

"No", the sceptic cries "this is absurd".

Parasitism is not a valid example.

The evidence is simple and ample.

If, one dies, so does the other.

So, its time to see the natural order of selection my sisters and brothers.

A symbiosis which is beneficial to both beings.

The doctrine that mutual dependence is necessary for the social wellbeing.

It's inside of even you the human being.

Bacteria in your stomach that helps you digest your food.

So, it's time we adapt our parasitic attitude.

The idea that we are not a collective.

Based on natural science Is defective.

Mutualism as a social phenomenon.

We must accept this before our species is gone.

Recognise our planets ecology.

And make a selfless apology.


How many people know the beauty of this?

This thing we call



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