Love and the Shining Eyes that Time Forgot
Love and the Shining Eyes that Time Forgot love stories

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Your eyes were shining Your soul was glistening

Love and the Shining Eyes that Time Forgot

Your eyes were shining

Your soul was glistening

My heart tentatively listening

Your tender heart wishing

Then came the vacuum of time

Separated and looking for the sign

That love resides

That it can defy

All obstacles upon love

These feelings are above

All else

For all the hell

That has been

All the while

I have seen

Your eyes, their shine doth fade

I dug my own grave

Behind the wall of time

When will I see them shine?

For they were once shining

I am irrefutably pining

It begins again with fine dining

Roses and prose

So as to flow the energy of my love

To see them eyes, shine stronger than the moon above.

The only prize is Love.

The consolation prize is a house that’s not a home

As I seek to atone

I would devote my skin and bone

To see those eyes glistening

And to never be alone

Without the light and sparkle

I would shed my tabernacle

And set my possessions to the sea

So that that shining never fleas

I would give up it all

So as not to fall

From the grace of your glistening soul.

So that I can have and hold those eyes like the constellations

Once more

So that you and I can rise in elation

So as to reward your admirable patience

Time ticks and my heart tocks

As I see the countdown on the clock.

Until I see you my one and only rock.

The cornerstone of Love

In the name of all that is above

I will nurture this love

So that shining is no longer the word

So that words of love are once more heard.

So that we can say that they shine again.

Despite the passing of time and the pain.

Beg of thee the spark in your eye.

Will return before I die.

This my own mission.

To revive what all this time I’ve been missing

The shining and the glisten

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