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Always look to the horizon And beyond

Look what can be

Always look to the horizon

And beyond

Always look to the silver lining

And realise you belong

Always hear the serenade of life

Listen to the song

Always have your head high

And revel in your bonds

Always know love presides

And the wrong will fall

Always know pride

and do not brawl

Always know life is a fight

And do not stall

Your destiny is on earth

And so answer the call

Always wear a smile

And do not falter

Always let people have faith

Let them attend the alter

Always know there is more

And take those feet forward

Look beyond your door

And move those feet onward

Always revel in the life your living

And never treat love as a chore

Always forgive ill giving's

And let your soul sore.

Always remember there is more to living

Than breathing.

Be progressive and always dreaming.

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