Late on Sunday - {Theism series}
Late on Sunday - {Theism series} poem stories

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A poem regarding how we should seek meaning where ever we can find something that gives us a personal peace.

Late on Sunday - {Theism series}

Introduction to my mind and the meaning I seek

something that bolsters me and stops me from feeling weak

some would call me foolish perhaps a bible freak

permit me a moment while I earnestly speak

why is it when I mention Christ people turn sour

Yet they worship false idols like Babylon's tower

There's integrity in Christ's life we can apply to ours

an earnest meek man who sought to see love empower.

If I mention god people often display bitter disdain

like he is responsible for sin when free will reigns

furthermore, people say we with faith don't use our brains

But Under god we are effectively all the same

It teaches a natural respect for our fellow folk

teaches us that we should all be of kindred yolk

Teaches us there is hope for this world that is broke

Some treat believing in god as an illness or a joke

There is so many things that are yet to be explained.

about the cosmos and from facts humanity is estranged

I could say god loves you, but you retort a look deranged.

The thing is at no point by your callousness am I feigned.

This belief and faith of mine has ill thoughts tamed.

And before you ask, I chose it, it wasn't ingrained.

It has given me strength in times of trouble.

So, take my cornerstone and I'd be nothing but rubble.

Pay some respects don't burst peoples bubble.

Just because you don't believe in something doesn't make it untrue.

You may be set in your ways, but I invite you to faith anew.

Yeah some of the notions are rather skewed.

The fallible human influence protrudes.

Just imagine with the knowledge of eternal life what ensues.

Don't let anyone ever tell you in life meaning is not yours to choose!

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