Knowledge and ideas as Competition - {Skimming stones}
Knowledge and ideas as Competition - {Skimming stones} poem stories

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Sometimes we don't share information and have competitive views This can sometimes make us forget we can be a muse.

Knowledge and ideas as Competition - {Skimming stones}

Sometimes we don't share information and have competitive views

This can sometimes make us forget we can be a muse.

We can watch ideas grow and infuse.

An Idea could be in your grasp.

That idea like a stone.

That deserves to be thrown.

Into the ocean of ideas.

Your mind a beautiful shore line.

Will you release it from your clutch?

Have you already thought about it too much?

Skim it across the ocean of people.

Will it be rebuked rebutted by waves of ignorance?

Or will it eventually sink in?

Or be like the stone that doesn't skim

Will it plop

And at first glance will people delve into the notion.

Or will it simply be just be another drop in the ocean.

Eventually the stone that idea will return to the beach.

That same idea that you decided to share and beseech.

Polished and refined.

For you to find. On the beautiful shoreline that is your mind.

To glean upon a beach.


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In market capitalism ideas are money, so people don't share there ideas...

So why is sharing information is essential well in science new laws on this matter are helping us to respond to things like the dreaded corona virus, swine flu and much more.

And some diseases that we thought were going to be great plagues have been cured by these means.

Here is a living breathing example that is already achieved due to the willingness to share knowledge, maybe you already were aware but its flipping amazing: And yeah poetically famine is a plague. And agriculture is a science.

The international rice research institute

Share all their information

Founded in 1960 and is committed to eradicating global hunger and poverty.

Throughout the 1960s they played a pivotal role in the agriculture's "Green Revolution" and helped stave off massive famine that was projected to afflict Asia in the 1970s.

Since then, the rice varieties that the institute's international scientists have worked together to create have been credited with saving millions of lives around the world.

So, with this in mind an walking on the beach with a buddhist i wrote this poem. Thanks for reading to the end I appreciate you for that! And if you didn't know now you do some people are trying to solve poverty and famine on a global scale!!!

It would be nice if you supported them on twitter: @ricetoday

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