In Accordance With Order
In Accordance With Order poem stories
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Do we need order? Is there peace in order? A comment...

In Accordance With Order

We need order.

Order brings comfort of understanding.

Though we should never accept our position and keep standing.

Never let order be something that is branding.

We are not cattle and we must have understanding.

Yet sometimes equality is as rare as the moon landing.

It is time for this generation to start demanding a sense of equality.

It does not only have to be given by the polity.

It can be done in a manner most solitary.

By reminding one another that they have your respect.

By doing something kind and equalising that someone does not expect.

Do not be a victim to the order of society let your behaviour be that of which reflects.

It should not matter what colour sexuality or sex that you are.

In our social circles we can set the bar.

Create a new order of embrace.

So that anyone feels like they have a place.

Different yet the same in an order that is a plain.

A horizon all the same.

Call me insane.

But the ordination in my brain says that you and I are different yet the same.

Worthy of respect, perfect in defect, occasionally fallible and victim to retrospect.

So as in my mind I begin to collect order.

Do not think of that of your individuality I am a marauder.

All I am saying is that that box that people put you in to me has no border...

Thanks for reading! Love thyself!

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