Horror Tree - Knock a door DEATH - Shortish Halloween story
Horror Tree - Knock a door DEATH - Shortish Halloween story death stories

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Inspired by death note: Deaths recruit a Halloween story The day was like any other. I went by the means of bicycle to my office. As, per usual I was soaked wet through.
Writers note: I scared myself writing this.
Also, don't dismiss the homeless.

Horror Tree - Knock a door DEATH - Shortish Halloween story

Deaths recruit a Halloween story

The day was like any other. I went by the means of bicycle to my office. As, per usual I was soaked wet through.

The rain had beat me down but not as much as my co-workers they berated my self esteem and just down right bullied me.

I felt so alone and isolated. This world I was told was a meritocracy. Work hard and get rewarded. No such luck for me. Minimum wage still working hard and yet to receive the benefits.

As I silently worked on the article for the new whatever the heck we are selling overseas. One of my co-workers through a rubber at my head.

It bounced off and ricocheted onto the desk of the boss. As I lifted my hand to give a one finger salute it looked like I was the one throwing it.

The boss was not amused. He chastised me and took away my bonus the only way to buy the groceries this week.

I was downtrodden and out of luck. That's when I met him. That's when he skulked into my life. I was walking home because the co-workers thought it would be funny to dismantle my bicycle.

He was a homeless man. Or at least that's what I perceived. Although now I know his home is the mortuary.

I gave him some cash because I felt that he probably needed it more than me. Truth be told I just wanted to do something nice with my last bit of cash.

He began to follow me. "Do you have a home?" He said.

I replied "I have a house it's not a home."

"Do you have food" he replied

"Yea some noodles and bananas" I replied

"mmm sounds like a feast" he replied sarcastically.

I though oh what the hell I'm going to let him tag along its not like I have anything of value he can steal

He wrapped his arms around me and let out a huge grin.

"Thanks man".

When he hugged me, I felt a sudden chill, but my heart was warm with the kind act.

I was bewildered by the sensation.

His crooked nose and dirty chin reminded me of my father. I felt attached to him. He even carried my rucksack for me.

We got to the house.

"Welcome Mr homeless"

"Geez this is a shanty" he retorted

As it approached midnight we had spent hours talking about the value of life and the strife and all the sugar and spice that comes with this begotten mortality.

The electricity went out. "damn I haven't got any cash for the meter" I screamed.

"You gave me some cash here have it back" the homeless man replied.

I placed it in the meter and the light flickered back on.

As it flickered his starving face looked like a skeleton and his coat like the hood of death.

I thought nothing of it.

Then the next morning he was gone. With my bananas that scamp.

He had left a note meet you at the same spot the bench by the park.

It wasn't a park it was a graveyard. The sarcastic mule.

Anyway, I felt attached to him now so, I met him there after a long day of being berated by my co-workers. He smiled "You actually turned up here I want to show you something"

He whipped out a long walking stick and held it up to the moonlight.

As he did a sickle glimmered in the moonlight.

As the cloud cover closed in the sickle vanished so too his bare bone appearance.

Though he still looked starved.

I shuddered and then said, "take me, stick a fork in me I'm done".

And I dropped to my knees and released a sigh.

He said "ney, how can I take my friend to the next life"

I smiled finally a friend. Even if he was the harbinger of doom.

He showed me the graveyard and said, "look I've been busy haven't I."

I grimaced and nodded.

That night we talked for a long time and he said "death is a destiny" I didn't fully comprehend at the time.

He went on to say I want to bestow you a gift.

When you say someone's name and knock twice, I will take their life, but the death is on your conscience. You can kill up to hundred people.

But be aware the moment you are responsible for 101 you too must meet your demise.

I thought about it for a while. And then just walked off. He would wave to me every time I finished work from the bench it was a little creepy.

Eventually I cracked my co-worker claimed my commission for a sale that I worked hard on and rubbed it in my face. I said his name and knocked twice.

Nothing happened. Then the lights flickered ten minutes later he was dead slipped on a paperclip and flew out of the window and was impaled on my bicycle. Terry was his name.

No one mourned him, no one relied on him, no one cared for the vile wretch.

Months went by I didn't knock then again my co-workers were berating me. Pushing me and poking my forehead with their pencils.

I knocked without them looking and said the name of the new honcho of the group.

He got lead poisoning and died that evening.

I wouldn't say I was happy but I was content it seemed this gift bestowed had a sense of kama about it.

The next day I would find this out for myself. It was a day off and I knocked for my Mum you can imagine what happened next.

Anyway, I digress.

So, it was a count of three with an unfortunate collateral damage.

So I began to think I should use this power more wisely and used it to kill some treacherous dictators and war mongers. I was proud.

The count was ten.

The next day I made a knock knock joke on the bus and the driver died ten minutes after I got off the bus. I didn't realise at the time.

Death let me know.

He came to me and said "that's 101"

I said "how many died on the bus?"

He said 23.

I replied so that's 34 right I was gonna stop I swear that's 34. Its 34.

"No it's 101 and rising."

"Rising?" I replied

"Your murder is exponential remember when I said Death is a destiny?"

Even that wretch at your work had a destiny to save someone's life the next day. He was going to work at the soup kitchen like he does every Friday.

He might have been a thug to you but he had a good side. He was going to give a speech to one of the teens their about quitting drugs.

Without him she didn't make the night after meeting the dragon.

Your mother was going to be the kind and gentle breeze on the life of your nephew who took his own life last night.

The bus driver didn't get someone to work on time and he killed himself after losing his job. Do you get it now death is a destiny. Or should I go on?"

"I get it" I replied.

Write your last will and testament and say your name and knock twice or I will be here by midnight.

So here I am writing this for you I'm about to post it and knock twice.

But before I do I just want to say.

What I learned is life is valuable beyond any weight of gold. That we are all interlinked and reliant on one another. We can be a ripple in a pond in a good way.

Or like me in a very very bad way.

Taking one life affects other lives too. Don't ever take a life. Because aside from devastation to their loved ones it can lead to more death.

So please this Halloween remember me Deaths recruit.

And this simple message.

Be the ripple in the pond that is good.

Or the next recruit might just come a knocking

for you.

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