WARNING Heinous Crime (True History) (18+)
WARNING Heinous Crime (True History) (18+) poem stories

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July 1963 through October 1965. In my opinion after the genocide this is the most evil thing to occur on Earth. WARNING I cried writing this and it's likely you may too

WARNING Heinous Crime (True History) (18+)

July 1963 through October 1965

Though the horror still terrifies long after they were alive.

Still to this day the motives I cannot contrive.

All I can say is that in the North of England the devil arrived.

And took some children for a drive.

And when they died tears of joy I cried.

And here is why...

A moor is a grass desert that expands and has sinking sands.

Although in this area of England it's not the only reason you never let go of your children's hands.

Cause there was a time when two sadistic beings lurked in the land.

And I assure you if there is a God to the depths of hell they are damned.

Perhaps God even made a fresh hell.

Because in this epoch the dignity of humanity fell.

A couple in romance under the most malevolent spell.

The idea that bonnie and Clyde are heroes that I do not sell.

So, listen to your parents when they say and tell.

Don't take sweets off someone you don't know....

Cause in The north of England some kids did and like the lost boys never did grow.

And our people never did know where the lost boy feeds the grass.

So, by this point you may ask what are their names?


I'm not here to glorify murders who kidnapped children and killed them.

If you really must no the name then use google, but for me to say the names is not frugal.

Other than Lady Death And Mr Demise.

They truly had a worser evil in their eyes.

Than Satan himself.

To say any 3 of the names is not good for a Christians health.

Imagine growing up in a place where you fear for your friends and yourself.

Imagine being a parent who understands the concept of a copycat killer.

There is nothing realer.

Worse still imagine being a kid who understands the concept of a copy-cat killer

The epitome of evil.

In this example they will never fit through the eye of a needle.

I was their in that town when they finally died.

You see in England there is no death penalty, normally that gives me a sense of pride.

These two vermin were allowed to remain alive.

So, sometimes my love of England wains and subsides.

And by fucking lord did the millennials cry.

The pubs and clubs were full with tears.

Because this story represents all their childhood fears.

When they were dead the people smiled.

So, if your right wing and you heard the song ding dong the witch is dead on that night.

And took a moral high ground. Hang your head in shame!

I'm not sure if you need to be from the North of England to truly understand the pain.

I'd like to think not.

And if your reading this child or tot.

It's a needle in a haystack of 7 billion who cannot be judged.

I reserve my judgement for the most heinous.

And so, does the God of any religion.

And so, do people.

And so, with wrath comes equal punishment.

The saddest thing is that Keith Bennet was never found

His cherub body still somewhere on the moor in the ground.

Victim to the greatest sin to ever befall the North of England.

Time to drop the mic harder than that couple dropped into the pits of Dantes inferno


Ever said bloody Mary in the mirror at night.

Trying being a kid in the north of England and walking home from school after last light.

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