Heaven doesn't mind
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What if there is a heaven? A place of ultimate reward

Heaven doesn't mind

What if there is a heaven?

A place of ultimate reward

A place where no one dies by the sword

A place of infinite joy

A place where there are no wicked ploys

A communion with the creator

A place where you have all the data

So, that you understand

A place where humanity is hand in hand

A place where your loved ones wait

A place free from malevolence and hate

A place where no one wicked can desecrate

A place that makes sense of this worlds state

A place that absolves humanity's traits

A place that could be your fate


Is it that simple?

Am, I just a product of what I've learned.

The pages of science books that I've turned.

What if there is more than my intransigent belief?

In science that has kept me from realising

That my ancestors watch upon me now

Am I idealising?

Am, I arrogant to not believe

Have I been deceived?

There are so many that have faith

Is it more than a concept of feeling safe?

How can anyone know

Pascals wager though

Live a good life don't impart strife.

And things will probably be alright.

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