Having optimism of your self worth
Having optimism of your self worth self-appreciation stories

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Keep your head to the sun, your feet on the ground. Walking to the horizon steps firm and proud.

Having optimism of your self worth

Keep your head to the sun, your feet on the ground.

Walking to the horizon steps firm and proud.

little steps make a staircase

even in the human rat race.

Perpetually we can solve our problems with attrition

Though not if were filled with indecision.

Indecision of yourself

Believe in your wealth

This is where optimism begins

When one faces what's within

We must seek to sing

A self appreciation

Not simply for elation

But to bring forth optimism into life

Otherwise it’s a prison day and night.

Where you neither have the scope nor the sight

To see how optimism can be alright.

And appropriate

Do not misappropriate time of reflection of the mind

Otherwise its like a broken record on the inside

Of self-war a backing track of thoughts reside

Put them to one side otherwise you are defied

Look how you divide your time inside your mind

Let the thoughts subside so you can find time to grind

grind the thoughts that rise your sense of self.

Let them be the ones in abundance

And think of the people in their hundreds

Whom have faced something of the same

Release your woes in Jesus name

Forebay that thought that dwells and cause personal hells.

You are human fallible like us all

So have optimism and stand tall

There is no use dwelling

When you could be gelling a gelatinous sense of peace.

And if god is not your sense of peace.

know that we all have reached to terrible lows

Highs and emotions that bring tears when reading prose.

Think of how your future has the opportunity to sow

The prospects of kindness and love that you can surely know.

We are all from this earth as you know

Thousands of years have passed us by

Your ancestors built the world so stand tall and high

You have a place on earth and you must try

To realise that you must defy

The rattling thoughts that plague you

I do not mean to dissuade you from guilt or remorse

Although I am saying its time to get back on that horse.

And ride with pride through life with optimism at your side

The past is done.

For there can be a better future.

Have optimism as a breath of life as a sutra.

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