Hate Speech- Kettle Them Away
Hate Speech- Kettle Them Away poem stories

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All eyes are on you All emotions ensue
A poem about hate speeches and what can happen.

Hate Speech- Kettle Them Away

All eyes are on you

All emotions ensue

People behaving like beasts.

Wont someone have some dignity at least.

Words like weapons being hurled

Inner anger unfurled.

Sensitivities riled.

People by hate are beguiled.

Stepping like puppets

Equality why can't they deduct this.

Many think to themselves.

Why into hate do they delve.

This innocent man on the floor.

Why does this fray begin to roar?

They whip out a blade, a hammer and spade.

They want to kill this old man for the way he was made.

All eyes are on him.

The old man on the floor

The crowd is so furious such anger they emplore.

They are about to strike down.

But the police are around.

And kettle them up

As chaos erupts

The crowd turns feral

The old man free from peril.

Thanks to the actions of the police

Yet they often are respected the least.

But if you were victim of a hate speech.

Would you want them baring shields on your street?

Ready to kettle them away.

I gave respect to the valour of the police that day.

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