Hate a Mixture of Pain
Hate a Mixture of Pain hate- stories

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A theory on hate, some will be familiar with this notion. I hope it helps someone though. A simple theory, a simple rhyme and simple language.

Hate a Mixture of Pain

I believe hate comes from pain.

Pain that seems to never cease.

And forgetting others have felt the same.

And that to earth no one owns a lease.

That we are all equal and have been hurt.

Forgetting no one is better or worse.

Resentment is thinking someone is inherently dirt.

No compassion nor ability for the in other to immerse.

Maybe hate comes from forgotten pain.

Jealousy of a perspective of them having a better day.

Or uncontrollable emotions that you try to tame.

I know my theory is not black and white its clearly grey.

Yet maybe if you are hating on someone or something.

You are outwardly attacking the things out of fear.

Your memories seem to offer no sanctity, yet hate is what you bring.

When really you just need someone close to hear.

All the pain you've been through...

All the things you've seen.

Turning that beautiful soul into a mix of red and green.

Love the other & You can Love yourself

Hate is a toxic emotion that drains people. It is a much better and happier experience in life when you are content with other peoples happiness. A conscience can be a ticking time bomb it will eventually get you.

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