Harness the Storm
Harness the Storm poem stories

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Transform those memories and experiences that torment you into victories. Reclaim the storm that haunts you and channel it into your victory and strength.

Harness the Storm

Life is a turbulent journey with winds that knock you down.

Those same winds can lift you from the ground.

The whistling howl of wind masking cries as if there is no sound.

When the wind turns to a typhoon and by a tirade of thoughts you are astounded.

Stay steadfast in yourself and remain grounded.

Dig deep for the perseverance in your soul like the bulb in its winter hold.

Wait for the opportune moment to flourish, thrive, and unfold.

As the seasons change and we grow old.

It becomes easier and the memories are annulled.

By the passer by and the ones closer a smile is lulled.

Like the blanket of frost shields the life beneath.

The sweet isn't as sweet without the bitter grief.

Happiness and joy on a spectrum surmounting in euphoria.

One day happy memories can be Plethora for you.

Wade through the cold ice filled nights.

Hold firm against the winds in fact take flight.

Let what broke you down raise you up.

Let the things you've faced be a chapter in a book.

Sodden with tears and rain.

Yet your achievement all the same.

Conquering a hard season is your victory to retain.

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