Halloween - Short Story - The dead man awakes
Halloween - Short Story - The dead man awakes halloween stories

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For some time, every night I had the same dream. Dream, I should say nightmare.

Halloween - Short Story - The dead man awakes

For some time, every night I had the same dream.

Dream, I should say nightmare.

It fettled my mind and made a swift destruction of my daily though patterns.

What mattered was not where I went in the dream but how when I woke up the nightmare continued.

It was like the nightmare was in sinew with my daily life.

It was like a script was been followed in my dreams and then regurgitated in the day.

The first night I was walking through a forest all seemed well. The forest was dimly lit by the stars and moon. And the small light from my smart phone.

The light from my phone flickered and died.

Then it was just me and the elements.

There the feint sound of leaves rustling and twigs crunching. I put it down to the wind.

That night in my dream the same thing happened only this time I was chased by a marauding character with devilishly long teeth and a cape and hood.

And in my dream, there was extra sensory perception I could smell blood.

I voyaged through the forest as quick as my legs could carry me and found a cave as I proceeded to enter.

And I slipped and fell many meters down the dark cavern.

There was symbols carved into the rock peculiar yet somehow familiar I placed my bloodied hands upon the wall and the blood ran down the wall.

The symbols lit up a glowing red.

Wake oh man that is dead.

Long fingers clawed down the cavern mouth creeping ever closer.

I proceeded to go deeper into the cavern.

I awoke.

The next day I attended school and the same happened again on the walk home feint noises in the background of the woodland.

That night I again walked through the forest was chased, slid down the hole the symbols glowed a devilish red. My dreams like my waking mind a broken record.

This time the voice echoed:

Sleep oh man that is alive.

The mouth of the cavern seemed to widen and allow the marauding creature to extend his long fingernails closer. I descended in spirit and into the caverns abyss.

There was fire, there was molten magma that glistened and bubbled and held a reflection of a withered old man. That looked like I.

I doubted everything about myself in that cavern and doubted the very substance of humanity.

A voice echoed You do not belong here.

A giant with skin as red as blood and horns as thick as an ox yet the size of the tusks of a mammoth presided over me chained to a cliff.

I awoke

I walked home through the forest for the third time.

A voice echoed I ran the voice grew louder I ran though this time it was not a magical cavern I fell through it was the edge of the cliff and now I am the dead who sleeps.

There is nothing to fear but fear itself.

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