God loves Gays! {Religion Series}
God loves Gays! {Religion Series}   poem stories

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Homosexuals face so much stigma. Homophobia is an enigma.
WARNING some viewers may find this offensive... But christ came to save everyone!

God loves Gays! {Religion Series}

Homosexuals face so much stigma.

Homophobia is an enigma.

Let's try and break it down and recognise the true essence of freedom we should have around.

Jealousy add hate what is then the sigma.

A poisonous, venomous way of thinking.

It shouldn't matter who your linking.

With others relationships you should be tinkering.

Unless it's toxic and danger looms and you have an inkling.

And Christian I hope you keep clicking

And think of the grail of love of which you are drinking.

Every homophobic comment I hear sets my heart sinking.

My mind racing, the covenant of loves wine I have been tasting.

Love thy neighbour forgive those who trespass against me.

Homosexuals do not trespass against our god that be.

The prince of peace came to set the notion of love free.

He even kissed men, is that the reason he was condemned to the cross?

If you think I'm being heretical then hope for you is lost.

The guilt of Judas. It includes us.

If, you want to face me and with stones have me coshed.

Then you have been brain washed.

"he without sin cast the first stone" was not the only lesson in that parable.

I hope to almighty god your mind is arable.

That when seeds are sown you are unlike the stone.

That you allow your wisdom to grow beyond your schism.

That your church has not become a place where the tables would be turned.

That your church is not a place where homosexuals have their connections burned.

Because if there is one simple truth of the new testament to be discerned.

It's love.

And challenging the established order of thinking to ensure our closeness with the creator.

For the love that is greater.

And now I hear the haters.

What about the old testament?

Well there is something I want to lament.

It's down to interpretation not to mention the convolution of translation.


What is your opinion of Sodom?

But wait...

Man shall not lay with man as he lays with woman.

Maybe that doesn't mean that homosexuality is forbidden.

And when we realise this it will be good riddance.

To the barriers between us and the prince of peace.

Maybe it's just a comment on biology

After all God made us in his image.

But don't tell that to the missionary...

At the end of the day we are all made of clay.

And it doesn't matter what you say.

The prince of peace came to teach LOVE!

For your fellow man.

Your sisters and brothers under the heavens above.

The prince of peace the wondrous dove.

We all know the world is...










So, finding mutual love of any form is perfect.

Having the same parts doesn't make it a defect.

Upon the water of Christ, it is time to reflect.

To delve deep into the teaching

And you may accuse me of preaching.

But in reality im just beseeching.

The Love of the prince of peace.

So, I'm not asking you to change your view.

I'm asking you to let lovers do what they do.

And don't reject them from your body.

Calm down snowflake I mean the body of your church!

From the collective of your holy house.

Let them be doused and baptised.

Let them see the love of Christ in all your eyes.

For Jesus would speak to them if they were aside JACOBS WELL

So, you should as well!

Let go of the Devils spell!

The one that divides you from your loved ones!

It doesn't matter if you agree, it matters if you forgive!

For Jesus taught us how to pray!

And he said give us our bread, let the body of the church and Christ never be dead.

And importantly he said



And now for the next comment you may want to impale me.

Or for biblical studies you may want to fail me.

Or for the love of Christ you will hail the

Wisdom of the word.

Sodom and Gomorrah

A city of heinous sin.

The sodomite lurks within.

Evil in his heart trespassing against the word of God in every sense.

Yet we forget this essence.

It was a trespass in every sense, to say it is exclusively about homosexuality is wrong.

For too long the word buggary being synonymous with sodomy...

When it was so many deadly sins exhibited.

A multitude of things that were defied that God prohibited.

So, when you reduce it to homosexuality.

It is truly a profanity.

For you ignore the message of this part.

So, if you have a let a loved one that you have let depart.

Return to them they are not condemned.

On the grounds of their homosexuality.

For if we take the bible literally and allow the message to be distorted.

We may never get out of the cave of darkness.

That follows the pillar of salt.

That is a result of a city of multiple sins.

On the grounds of homosexuality no one should be let to feel that they cannot sing the hymns.

Lest you break an angel's wings.

And if you're a homosexual there are those of the new covenant who wish to hear you sing.

The new covenant of the new testament.

So many are yet to hear the good news.

Yet to be a Christian they choose.

The prince of peace seeks to teach a unifying message

One of love and unity.

So, homosexuals you are loved with impunity!

And this is why...

The whole earth would have died in a flash of light.

If, it was not for one Homosexual!

Now of the bible this is not contextual.

In a mutually assured destruction, we would have perished.

And our god would have lost the lambs that are cherished.

Alan Mathison Turing

You see nuclear weapons were being developed as the war continued enduring.

Both sides were procuring.

The Manhattan project and the Nazi plot.

So, the next time you call someone ... oh I forgot...

The word.

Think of Turing he cracked the code and allowed the war in the west to end.

And set in motion a domino affect that allowed operation paper clip!

Germany lost their nuclear research and researchers.

Imagine the carnage that would have beseeched us all.

If both sides achieved nuclear armaments at the same time.

Amidst a war of chaos and heinous battle.

Admit the real battle.

It's not with the freedom of choice of sexuality.

It's not a sin in reality.

Let the Love of Christ be free.

Or live in ignorance believing he would kiss me!

Christ came

To save


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