Girls, games, and stigma – Beaten red vs blue
Girls, games, and stigma – Beaten red vs blue sexism stories

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A short poetry themed story about one of the first multiplayer online games and sexism. An empowering story of solidarity. An interview.

Girls, games, and stigma – Beaten red vs blue

A long time ago when online multiplayer entered the foyer.

There was he and a young lady who would often bash out halo 2 and play.

Her skill was uncomprehend-able and surpassed him in any every way.

She could land a plasma grenade from halfway across the map between a players' eyes.

Her battle rifle was like honing floating butterflies.

They reached level 40 entered the realm of world champs.

They battled through the battlefields and alien camps.

Then one day they faced a bigot in battle a duo he heard her voice.

And said how dare you play video games you cannot make that choice.

They wiped the floor with him, smashed his smirk chauvinist grin.

And best of all her friend sat back whilst she pummelled his team and strived for the win.

Their avatars even featured on the television.

What happened next was a disgrace.

The individual hacked her account and she was displaced.

Left her messages saying that women are inferior.

Her friend was wrought with anger and a mild hysteria.

She was disappointed her hard work to achieve what only the publishing staff and pros could do.

Her friend hated to see her blue, so he decreased the level of his account to the bigots level.

Stooped if you will.

What happened next was an absolute thrill.

Her friend set aside hours in the bigots time zone and made it his mission to dethrone the bigots high ranking.

Made a note of every username he had, and the war commenced.

Every battle he had her friend appeared there. Spoke of his ill doing.

People were appalled and joined him in ensuing.

Joined him in the hunt for that chauvinist runt.

They got his level down to half of what it was.

He was distraught and the best thing is as we called his action out in the games his own teams started friendly fire.

So, that is what transpired.

A chauvinistic boob got shown what it means to be a true halo dude!

She was so thankful for the mass of support.

A gender empowerment began when we fought.

So, when you gamer girls play and a guy is shocked of your presence.

Remember the conquest of halo 2 and the girl who commanded more respect than Cortana in essence.

Wherever they are now he often looks back, with a fond memory of the halo collective.

Gender equality a key clan directive.

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