Dear JBO I want Gender Equality
Dear JBO I want Gender Equality poem stories

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She left her mother land to be with him. It was always her dream to be with him. I was asked to write this and the severity is not as bad as it seems. She is a friend.

Dear JBO I want Gender Equality

She left her mother land to be with him.

It was always her dream to be with him.

Yet lately her eyes grow dim.

She never expected how bad the storm could be.

She cooks, she cleans, she does the laundry.

Budum budum


Her cooking is never good enough.

She never cooks what he wants.

Her lack of talent He mocks and taunts.

Aware of the awful memories that haunts.


Budum Budum


You see she had terrible things happen when she was younger.

So, she rarely cries cause inside she already died.

She is a vulnerable adult once so depressed.

That in a psychiatric hospital she had to rest.

Hurt so, much she was obsessed.

With the few miracles that god had given though she was not blessed.

She insisted in the light of the lord.

So much so that it was like a broken record.

Her mind detained for being a victim of the sin of the world.

Budum budum


Yet she overcame all those woes.

Lifted from depression and irrationalities and rose to her toes.

And was able to fly to him.

She gave up her motherland to be with him.

Budum budum


She cleans for for him it's not her house though.

She longs for it to be her home though.

With him

Sometimes so afraid her skin white as snow.

There was a night when it could have been a fatal blow.

There was a night he pushed her

He waited until she was having a lot fun

Waited until she had drunk so much red wine she couldn't run.

And pushed her she broke a bone in her hand.

For a while it was passed of as just bad luck.

Budum budum


She was brave enough to speak out and so he admitted a light push.

And so, for a while she felt she could trust him and was in a hush.

Budum budum


She does the laundry but never hangs the clothes right.

She looks out missing her mother land under moonlight.

She goes to language school and does a part time job; she is tired alright.

Barely a word of her mother tongue is spoken day or night.

Isolated yet for this house to be her home is still in her sights.

Budum budum


She writes poetry to quell her broken soul.

Sometimes when his anger takes hold.

Her skin is painted her favourite colour.

Budum budum


She tells herself it's not that bad.

And people have

It worse than I. (And they certainly do)

Deep down she scared it will multiply.

She has a faith and she does try.

But he believes in nature and the sky.

Budum budum


Sometimes they have sex

But not for a while

They are expecting a baby.

They've been sleeping in separate beds lately.

Budum budum


But she has needs

Want his touch

And sometimes he abides.

Lets her touch but not have a ride.

He smiles as she touches his chest.

She smiles she feels at rest.

Then after he says he did not want her hands all over him.

Budum budum


And fondles hers breasts

And tells her all others would detest

Tells her she is dirty cause she hasn't showered since yesterday.

He never kisses her.

Budum budum


Tells her she is worthless

A slut for what she did when she tried to separate from him and the long-distance relationship.

5years before.

Tells her shes defied her God and knocked at the devils door.

Budum budum


Tells her no one would love you

You'll never suffice and never do.

Your wage is a quarter of mine.

Can't you see the signs

You are invalid

You are shit

He doesn't says these things in his own language, French the language of Love. So, he doesn't know what he is saying.

Budm budum


She stays

Budum budum


When she knows she should check on him when his tears spill

She doesn't cause he is still so horrible.

Budum budum


No strength

Budum budum


He tells her when the baby is born that she is not needed.

That she cannot be useful even though from her the baby is seeded.

She knows that she is weak that she has never been able to handle a full work week

Her mental health and ptsd has made her into a freak.

But she finally got strong after so long.

And was able to fly to him.

She didn't know the storm within.

She misses her motherland.

And its not that bad she thinks when he raises his hand.

And it paints her, her favourite colour.

Though her canvass is not easily coloured.

But she fear the paper may one day rip.

Budum budum


So, by now if this story has you sickened and stiff.

Domestic violence this is not a myth.



What if she was a he

And he was a she

Then it be a joke for all to see

Yet still

budum budum


This is a poem wrote for a friend who messaged me about his situation. It's sad but it's not that bad. And she is pregnant so he is gonna be the best Dad he can.

But he wanted me to raise awareness about it for both men and women. Domestic violence is never a joke! Let him remain anonymous and any comments to be made should be tasteful

He assures me deep down she is a beautiful women. Nothing is exaggerated You just need to remember she would never actually hurt him

They are currently separated and he has left South Africa and she is returning to France soon.

He will go and live in France

Awareness: Fathers For Justice is a group of men that want to see their kids but are not allowed. In 2018 according to a British newspaper 1 in 25 men reported to have been victim of domestic abuse. It really is a fraction of what women bare.

But no one should ever be victim No one should ever be held to think their voice is a joke.

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