Five Rivers Collide {Greek Mythology series} Elysian Field (Heaven)
Five Rivers Collide {Greek Mythology series} Elysian Field (Heaven) poem stories

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Elysium The Elysian fields. From a book over 100 years old i give you its depiction of paradise and the fact that anyone can go there even those in hell; eventually after great pain and retribution.

Five Rivers Collide {Greek Mythology series} Elysian Field (Heaven)


The Elysian fields.

A serene land where the sun never ceases to give yield.

A place in the west surrounded by ocean yet to us concealed.

This place one of which is ambient in beautiful scent a flower field.

A place where happiness is rife, and tears are eternally sealed.

A place where people revel in games and music is constantly revealed.

The place where great heroes dwell like Achilles and others who have seen the battlefields.

The place where Kronos and his newfound mercy has found a home.

Rhadamanthus judges all those even those who in the kingdom of Hades have atoned.

You can dwell among them if you do not commit three criminal sins of reason.

Throughout your life's many seasons.

You can also be cast from Elysium if you commit 3 sins for this against happiness ant the contract of Elysian fields is treason.

Virgil notes there is a route through the Kingdom of Hades to the Elysian fields.

This means hope for the lost and sinful is not too far afield.

May they enter Hades with the armour of Zeus and righteousness as their shield.

And then Rhadamanthus in time will return their souls to paradise.

As he has gained wisdom living something close to a human life.

His sense of justice and wisdom knowing the pain of strife.

For in the afterlife.

There is no endless night.

Except the infernal region reserved for the most heinous and malevolent.

The image of universalism is elegant.

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