[Final - Part 2]A Shadow Priests Encounter {Fairy Tale} Shadows in the Mirror (12A)
[Final - Part 2]A Shadow Priests Encounter {Fairy Tale} Shadows in the Mirror (12A) poem stories

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... He wiped it and smeared blood on his chin. Literally no point reading this if you don't read part one... it means nothing without part 1

[Final - Part 2]A Shadow Priests Encounter {Fairy Tale} Shadows in the Mirror (12A)


He wiped it and smeared blood on his chin.

The violence finally gave in.

Your dad is no father if he calls you maggot said the Shadow Priest.

There are other reasons for that too he is a demonic beast cried the young Shaman.

So, why do you inflict these chaos spells on that boy asked the Shadow Priest.

It's all I've ever known I thought it was normal.

And deep down I guess I needed someone to stand up to me, to show me I could to him.

The shadow priest no longer had a malice grin.

The shadows that he had seen within this shaman misconstrued as darkness broke him.

The Shadow Priest had known demons hitherto but not in his own family is own home.

For this Shaman he knew not what it was to have a safe zone.

Every aspect of him had been touched by the darkness of the Demon.

The shaman went on to say I hoped that if no one would stand up to me that at least the chaos spells I have cast would force the paladin to lock me away far from the preying eyes of the demon.

The Shadow Priest replied His eyes are not here. You need to speak and have no fear to sit in silence will allow it to grow.

You clearly have strength and let me bestow that you are not alone do you know many face the hand of malevolence. Do not let it manifest in thyself be the shadow.

And with the impact of an arrow of light, the Shaman no longer was rife with fright.

No longer doomed to repeat the violence he received night after night.

The professor arrived and both were in tears in the hall holding each other after the brawl.

The lesser Shaman still unconscious on the chamber floor.

A trail of blood leading to the head of years door.

And a story that would make the strongest man hit the floor is told.

The paladins roll in and take the Shaman to a safe location.

The demon slayed and the wife finds her way to Ashgrail!

And the young shaman free from the 'repetition compulsion' of chaos magic.

It was not tragic; it was desperately depressing behaviour is catching. That is that sometimes malevolence leads to malevolence. And we have to break the chains of repetition.

The cycles of abuse by the malevolent ones that cause chaos magic to envelop itself into malevolence.

Repetition compulsion.

Its enough to turn anyone to convulsion.

Anyway, the Shadow priest returned to the Elvish lesson and said oh I'm sorry I missed much of the session. With the waters I've seen a blessing.

In his mind he knew that the shaman was to be a shadow priest. There was no doubt as there were more words exchanged than that of what you have seen arranged on these pages.

There are more stages to life than what can ever be encapsulated in a story.

The other students with their innocence without prudence believed he was making a joke, the one of which he wished to be yolked believed it was at her expense.

The class let out a roar of laughter as she believed he was speaking old elvish and complimenting her. All the while one of the Shadow priests companions was aware of what had transpired.

And pride in his eyes were attired.

The shadow priest recognised some chaos magic in the flicker of her eyes her paranoia letting go of her guise.

Yet he would perhaps never know what glimmer of malevolence had allowed that to grow. Though he had some idea.

And so...

Many years went by and the Shadow Priest did not see the Shaman the demon's son.

Although as it grew closer to graduation he visited once more and implored the Shadow Priest to always believe in the goodness in his heart.

And to tell him he had found a foster family that gave him the love he ney had at the start

You see in this moment the Shadow Priest learnt the difference between innocence and choice. That malevolence that incurs a chaos curse can be broken.

It's just a matter of whether or not the person is willing to be outspoken or at least be encouraged to speak out.

Because the longer you harbour the trappings of the chaos magic the longer it takes hold of you and everyone around you until you yourself become the demon that you once detested.

It grows and festers. Never let anger take over you and certainly never unquestionably remain in silence nor belief that how you are being treated is normal.

Reach out before you yourself become the arm of destruction.

Help others affected by the cycle of repetition be the disruption. To the chains of chaos magic that shackle many.

And never go into battle believing with certainty that this demon was born that way.

Nurture the nature of any caster with malevolence and chaos magic and he will resort to the demon's gifts. Never let it cause a rift with your understanding.

Never be victim to societal branding.

And let the paladins do their handling.

Wrath and death is reserved for those who take the breath of the innocent by their own wicked volition.

To recognise evil born is your mission.

To take action on life is not your decision as a shadow priest.

Less you want to be an arbiter...

Your job is to cast them into remission.

To quell the darkness and snip the bud of malevolence.

Not to become the essence of what you fight.

Even shadows are cast in the mirror.

So be wary you may one day look and think there is a demon behind you.

Be wary of what hate does when it binds you.

Be entwined to the light.

Knowing that innocence is born

And malevolence is what seeks it torn

From the pure.

Don't destroy




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