Figurehead of Feminism (True History) - For Equality - Bring me the Snowflakes Head
Figurehead of Feminism (True History)
- For Equality - 

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Figurehead - Us - British love tea and custard creams.
Ever wondered why? I spent a long time on this, it's a spoken word poem and it's like flipping marmite!

Figurehead of Feminism (True History) - For Equality - Bring me the Snowflakes Head


Us British love tea and custard creams.

People wonder why us British love the queen.

And please bear with me on this.

As cliche and potentially racially intolerant IF you're a closed minded politically correct American as it may seem.

Well it all started with a dream.

A speech that did genuinely seek to teach EQUALITY.

To transform the polity of that time hitherto.

The first Queen Elizabeth a feminist!

This is why the guns have never been fired by the English bolshevist

Why because the right of ONLY men to be ruler of England finally did desist.

The right of only men to be ruler of England finally did desist.

And of course, gender inequality continued to persist.

Although finally people with dreams of equality and bigots in society were allowed to coexist.

The former had been subjugated since the times of Rome when Boudica lost her throne.

And in the time of Our Good Queen Lizzie Even people of colour in the palace courts did roam.

Although it would take until 1833 for the scourge of slavery to end and these people to be free.

In England my home.

Although interestingly enough the Great Reform Act of 1832 allowed women to vote but they were few.

Before the working-class man.

If, you are not yet warming to the reasons that I and many British feminist are a fan of our queens. Then you are either a snowflake or a hypocrite.

And need to take a seat and sit in front of the mirror and listen to yourself.

You've become what you detest. You've allowed the moral imperative to infest your outlook.

You don't need to read a history book. To realise that a women leading man in a WORLD OF PATRIACHY is an achievement for women's rights.

And remember I said bear with me.

And by the by I flipping love withering heights. And Mary Wollstonecraft takes literary genius to new heights.

AND I HATE supremacists of ANY KIND black, female or whites.

AND I hate people who use the word kites.

Jews are not vermin, Christians did you not hear the sermon Even Jesus was a Jew.

So, don't flipping persecute me, just because I'm a man not a woman talking about feminism.

I'd be there with them right now starving in prison. For my queen.


Suffering as a suffragette not because I'm a woman but because I never flipping forget...


And my Queen.

So, heckle me with all the words that are obscene.

But queen Elizabeth she had a dream.

And if you want to talk about Martin Luther king Jr yeah that's also my scene.

He is a hero of mine, but right now at this time I'm talking about feminism.

You flipping snowflake. Unless your smiling and are not vexed cause you recently read some of the words of Malcom x!

And by this time the judgemental wish they had hindsight and retrospect As, they realise I as a brown haired boy in Europe have some reason to be vexed I'm not...

A blue eyed blonde haired bimbo giggling at a racist text. And most of you should expect what comes next 8 million died in that genocide.

In NAZI Germany. And in the USA Jews too were in for the ride when the KKK rolled up with their wicked side.

The point is superiority never wins cause we are all flipping different and all have sinned.

And so, you wonder why we British love the queen.

Because it SCREAMS









So, if you think you can rewrite history like ptolomey.

Well you flipping cannot.

BECAUSE We are not amused.

And if I had to choose between queen and country, and selling out at a hollow cost.

To agree with another white man that we are boss.

You are so flipping wrong.

I have scars on my face, and I will still SING redemption song.

Wigga please is often said with smiles and a patronising pat on the back.

Cause pigment in my face I lack.

But there are people in my FAMILY that are Black.

And I would take the head off any of you.

Which brings me back to the point of this poem.

And if you are still reading then my love for you will be ever flowing and you are so immensely and intensely appreciated.

Cause if you have curiosity for passion love and equality then your solid with me, brother.

Or sister or any pronoun you want, don't flipping let the snowflakes haunt this topic about my QUEEN!

So, you wonder why we British love the queen.

Why we discuss her with passion and love over tea and custard creams.

With our goofy teeth.

Well cause for equality we would send you six foot beneath.

For our heritage hath bequeathed.

A woman to rule over a world of men.

So, listen to the message our queens send.

To a world where equality was CONDEMNED.

It doesn't matter if you're a women, black, white, Chinese, Indian my hand is hemmed.

Because you are human. And the world is my ends.

I'm from the Hood and this spoken word poem is soon to end.

And I'm truly sorry it was never my attention to offend.

My brothers and sisters of this place I call home.


And if in this poem you unearth the equality in your soul.

Then slap on BOB MARLEY and maybe some soul.

Cause he was a victim of RACISM from both sides.

Stood up for equality and almost died.

Just like the people at Tilbury.

The people who listened to my Queens address.

And here it is

"I may have the body of a weak, feeble woman; but I have the heart and stomach of a king, and of a king of England too, and think foul scorn that Parma or Spain, or any prince of Europe,

should dare to invade the borders of my realm; to which rather than any dishonour shall grow by me, I myself will take up arms, I myself will be your general, judge,

and rewarder of every one of your virtues in the field."

And across the realm acceptance was her yield.

Because a Woman would rule over men in a world of patriarchy.

SO flipping join me when I say

God save the Queen.

God save the Queen.

God save the Queen.

Or off with your head!

Guess it's time to drop the mic.................

If anyone ever said I'm a gentleman.

If anyone ever said I'm a gentleman. It is flipping not because I wear a trilby.

It's because i listened to my QUEEN at

It's because i listened to my QUEEN at Tilbury

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