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Finding my faith It gives certainty and a feeling of being safe.


Faith Retained

Finding my faith

It gives certainty and a feeling of being safe.

Though the temporal world I have had a taste

In fact in this non-Christian world I was almost laid to waste

Once I acquired the biblical texts taste

I was engulfed post haste

Into a tirade of reading

to the extent my fingers were bleeding

Like the stir in my soul

I looked fondly upon the fold of Christ

Same for all of faiths never despised

The mercy of Christianity

Softened my heart in totality.

Now a person of congeniality

To a view of god as a reality

Filled me with joy and sentimentality

Scintillating words rise my spirit

With Jesus the focal of the empiric

Quick I guess you are to lambast with satyrs

Mercy begs me to forgive and look higher

Higher still than just my sentient mind

To see that behind the bountiful creation I can find

An answer that is simple yet deep something to be delved into to reap

The fruit of wisdom.

The Christian vision is one of eternal life

The labours of this life and the strife a moulding of soul

a preparation for paradise

Scintillating is it not how we are all to be begot in Jesus name a forgiveness and entrance to paradise.

Despite our iniquities. We live twice.

And it is so, when one seeks to live a righteous life

And put an end to endless night

making Love and compassion and Christ their plight.

Then one could say I have seen the light.

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