Embittered Candles
Embittered Candles poem stories

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Are memories dwindling candles? My memories I often cannot handle.

Embittered Candles

Are memories dwindling candles?

My memories I often cannot handle.

Like the ground is shaking beneath my minds mantle.

Yet memories of you are often tantalising.

Like from the shadows of malevolent memories I am rising.

Are these memories meant to be overlooked?

When they are the only think that tempers my mind that is cooked.

When my mind like a broken record that is stuck.

When the glimmer of happiness in my recollection is omitted.

Then my mind is left only to be embittered.

If only I could show you the endless revival of a broken soul.

How life has taken its toll.

How I aged so young transmuting to be old.

Yet still a squandered spirit, broken and defaulting to lust.

Tell me those memories are valid before my tearing soul rusts.

Let me show you that they are not broken by the silence.

Let me paint a picture with my poetic license.

Let me illustrate the cherished memories nuance.

My eyes are weary with the pain, my life littered with malevolent stains.

I was wrong to take those actions to be reclaimed.

The only action I can make my forte.

Are ones that I remind you I Love you each day.

To show you the glisten that lights my life like a supernova.

Is the only object of my desire.

And that never again will I seek to retire.

To abscond from a love that gives permission to a broken soul to soar.

For are memories a dwindling candle or can the wax be restored?

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