Don't take my Faith
Don't take my Faith theism stories

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Jesus our saviour Lend me your favour

A Poem about being careful about how you respect someones faith it is someones right and choice to believe in God. You shouldn't take that away from someone.

Don't take my Faith

Jesus our saviour

Lend me your favour

Let my tabernacle be seen

Lean to my side

As I seek pride

For on the cross you died

For my sins and for human pride

A martyr to your cause

I hold a minute in pause

For you each day

And I shall never again stray

For the horizon has a day

To look forward fondly upon

Here my praise in this song

Oh, Jesus our saviour In God’s name I trust

I shall not faulter even in the strongest gust

Now this wind lifts me when I fall

As I have heard Jesus’ call

With my inner demons I shall brawl

So as in my faith I shall stand tall

And if the nay Sayers do not pray

Then at least they can stay

In their inept form

For I forewarn

Jesus has given me peace

So, at the very least

Give me this

A slight sense of bliss

In God’s name

I have been to the very depths of despair

Yet you heard me in my prayer

I nestled illuminated in the street light

Praying for the end of endless night

For those who don’t believe

Don’t take this, don’t make me grieve

It gives me peace in absence and leave

Of happiness.

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