Don't Pray for Judgement Day {Theism Series}
Don't Pray for Judgement Day {Theism Series} poem stories

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One individuals take on the world today and judgement day. In an alliterative poetry form.

Don't Pray for Judgement Day {Theism Series}

The world is Perpetuating in pain so I pray.

Seldom scintillating things do I have to say.

Gracious God turns black and white to grey

Trailing theist theologies as the self-fades.

Gallantly the gifts god gave braise.

Harrowing is humanity we are in a haze.

Dastardly deeds perpetrated these days.

Knives nestled nefariously in young flesh.

Fools fraternise fuelling hate at a sesh.

More gruesome than the tales of Gilgamesh.

Willingly I wantingly wait with one wish.

For fiends to think of Jesus' last dish.

a revolutionary that relished love.

A prince of peace a pure dove

Ardently I ascribe to the 'most high'.

Welcoming all wanderers and this is why:

Salvations only served before we die

Circumvented by crucifixion so, I cry.

Superstition supersedes faith and I sigh.

Laboriously the laymen lie

Maliciously manipulating many minds

Telling us testaments do not fit the times.

Pilfering positions of the alpha the prime.

Trash talking theism telling folks forget the signs.

The saviour willed water from wine.

Saying seek earnestly and you will find.

Something simple can surmount to joy.

Faith is power, call me out and call me coy

But pushing at people's purpose is no valid ploy.

Especially when people are pushing pistols like they are toys.

Verily I vivaciously vindicated they need to hear gods voice.

For the sake of themselves and so they do not forsake everyone else.

When a whisper these words of salvation it's like am speaking welsh.

That tribulations and trepidations are trifling yet a source of emancipation.

Knowing not all the knowledge yet secure in faith can bring elation.

That a big degradation that damages the lord's preparations.

Is simply so many have a significant separation from the lord.

Some say and stipulate the pen is mightier than the sword.

Yet they won't revel, let alone read about faith and gods accord.

Revelations are revealed and gifted in all holy records.

I'm not here to insinuate any appropriation of your religion.

Am simply suggesting that together we can have an insurmountable vision.

It is your choice what you stipulate all religions seem the same to me.

Creation coming from a creator, paradise killed by curiosity.

Fellow folks of terra firmer forgive my furiousity.

Cause I posit that not believing in god is the catalyst for all atrocities.

Cautiously I condone Christ but am calling all the collective of theists.

Haplessly hoping that we can harness and end to dividing conceptual lists.

And heal the rifts.

And if you are an atheist.

Its an open invite to an intriguing insight you can imply your intellect is right.

But my wager is safe cause if I am wrong then its silence after this place.

If I am right I will enter the final resting place.

Don't declare dull witted minds; delve into deities, then your mind goes to waste.

And you might hasten to find reasons to see god with distaste.

But then you have purpose of existence misplaced

Cause the end of the day there is free will in this place.

There in I choose, faith.

Thanks for reading and whoever you are whatever you are I wish you a great day. Humanity is one family. May you find peace in whatever grants it you.

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