Don't Lust nor Dream for War {Short Story}
Don't Lust nor Dream for War
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After many years, the man estranged from his homeland returns accompanied by his new wife and child. A short story about appreciating peacetime.

Don't Lust nor Dream for War {Short Story}

After many years, the man estranged from his homeland returns accompanied by his new wife and child.

The journey was long, but he finally arrived in the village where he had grown up. The village was somewhat different now it had grown in size to almost townlike proportion.

But the core of the village remained the same old buildings and he purchased the house on the hill where he had grown up.

Kirsty and Nathan remained at the house and Jack set out to go to the old church school and collect the documents for a school application.

As Jack roamed to the school, he found himself to be overwhelmed with a sense of nostalgia.

As he was in the que for collecting the documents some of his old friends were there with their own children what a happy sight indeed.

After some hours of being in the que he reached the front desk and was given the documents but was told he must print out various forms by himself and have them returned to the school

before sundown to ensure a place for Nathan at the school.

At this moment he panicked "I don't have a printer and there is one right there please can you print?" he said.

The staff member shrugged.

From further back in the que a man shouted "hey J"

Jack turned around in delight to see one of his old work colleagues.

The ex-colleague said "I am a father too, signing my sun up this is Jim."

Jim smiled.

After some idle chat and waiting they decided in the que they would go to Jims fathes house to use the printer. At which point Kirsty called "where are you, you are useless" she screeched.

Jack replied "I am at my old friends house we are printing off a document to take to the school for the application process it was quite urgent."

Kirsty put down the phone after making a strange sound that often-accompanied eyes rolling.

The two men were chatting and noticed they had some time spare to get to the school and opened a couple of fresh beers to celebrate being reunited.

Despite them never having been the best of friends they nonetheless spent a long time in the warehouse working together.

And soon one of his closer friends arrived although by goodness had he got fat.

Then after some time of relaxing the four males started to wander up towards the school once more. When suddenly a dog started attacking Jim.

Jack was closest and brayed the dog has hard as he could to stop its fierce assault. The dog whimpered and then started fighting with another dog.

They looked around and all the animals were brawling with each other or humans.

Suddenly there was a loud bang and the ground began to shake. They rushed to the community centre mere meters away to get shelter and find out what was happening.

A creeping smell of a butane like substance swept the air as they approached the community centre all the while birds and insects flying at them in a vicious manner.

The men swatting away the beasts protecting Jim.

The phone service went down. The internet went down. The community centre staff roared open the doors and let them in.

As they did another loud bang and lightning like flashes screeched across the sky. A thick cloud flooded around the building they locked the windows shut and went into the prayer room.

An inner sanctum with more safety. As the fog of brown smoke cleared it revealed that many people were behaving like the animals outside and on the horizon.

They were fighting mercilessly for no apparent reason. The entrance looked like an intense metal gig circle pit.

The community staff forced them all to leave as they were unsure of what was happening and wanted to flee the environment.

As they did so people were attacking from all angles and they made a wall surrounding Jim.

And continued through with the overweight man barging through these insane people whom were fighting and foaming at the mouth like rabid dogs.

At the same time rabid dogs were attacking them and Jack was braying them off Jim as they lavished on Jacks flesh he took little concern for himself and just seeked to protect the boy.

Eventually, the animals subsided in their assault but the people mainly continued to fight aimlessly in pockets all across the village.

They eventually were separated amidst the panic and chaos.

Jim and his father given precedence by the authorities and driven away in a military vehicle. The fat man and Jack continued when the bombs hit, they ran away from the destruction path.

And jumped down the side of a drained river. The weight of the other man meant that as he landed, he fell and broke his ribs and died.

Jack sat with him for several minutes as he passed on to the other side.

All the while the sky turned a strange dark green.

Jack covered in cuts and bite marks clambered to his feet and climbed out of the drained river bed.

He walked up the main road and realised he had no idea where he was but knew he must return to his wife and child and was distraught with panic.

When suddenly another one of his old ex colleagues was leading a group of men up the hillside. He shouted to him and clambered to his feet.

The two united with a smile as both had long respected each other's strength and will power and resolve.

A metal girder came crashing down at the side of them.

Which way to the entrance to the dessert my house is aside their Jack proclaimed in few words they exchanged what they knew of what was happening and that was very little.

Chaos, bombs, pointless fighting, feral beasts, and strange things in the sky.

He said follow the E9 bus route on this road.

So that's what Jack did, he had no idea how far he had travelled prior to this nor in what direction and was delirious from the pain.

All the while pent up with frustration that his foreign wife and child were likely to be alone cowering the house.

He arrived at a train station and realised that the disused trainline had been reactivated in recent years and had some perspective on which direction to go from there.

He knew he had to get to the other side of the line and set to walk up the rickety bridge but many had the same goal and people were clambering over one another.

There on the top of the bridge he found a childhood friend sheltering his daughter at the side of the bridge top as people pushed past. He was also on the phone, his phone was working.

They quickly exchanged words and ben passed him the phone. Jack called his wife and could hear his son crying in the background "I am still at the house" she yelled, and the battery cut out.

The little girl began to stumble and Jack helped her keep her balance as the over cables of the train line sparked and flew around like rabid snakes.

The phone dropped from the bridge in the process but ben was so happy that his daughter didn't drop from the bridge that he said that is nothing my friend "go find your wife and child"

Jack stampeded onwards and climbed down the other side of the swaying bridge, when suddenly he arrived in a room and all was silent.

He looked out the window and their was a desolate battlefield with explosions bullets and aerial assaults overwhelming what seemed a foreign land.

Yet there was earie silence accompanying these visuals.

When suddenly a voice from the corner of the room decreed. "This is a nightmare that I willed upon you and many others.

It is to show you that you are so fortunate not to live in a nation state overwhelmed by war, so that you don't have to watch your children die,

so that you don't have to search for your wife among the wreckage. Be thankful for what you have."

Some of the people in the room of silence as the light of twilight filled the room began to vanish and some stood in silence others lambasted him for the nightmarish torment that he

had willed upon them.

Jack shook his hand and looked out of the window at the desert nation and the conflict he had often studied and been a staunch adversary too.

He said to the man I shake your hand because what you have been through has this experience pale in comparison.

I hope and pray for end to the conflict of your people and indeed the conflicts of the world.

The man wiped away a stray tear and led him to a vehicle they got in and as he told a sorrowful tale of the war and famine in his home country his voice slowly was drowned by

a gentle thudding noise that was recollective of an old train on a beaten train line. Twilight ended it turned to black he asked did you hear me jack? Jack replied I heard enough...

Then he awoke not in his homeland, not in a country of war or famine. He lifted a coffee from the fridge listened to his wife gently snoring for a moment and then wrote this.

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