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There was this night Where I had to fight.

Dirty Dub

There was this night

Where I had to fight.

Under the rave lights.

Cama bites.

It was a hate crime.

It was around 8:09.

And it was my time.

To lands some fists

In the disco mist.

On some bigots whom were pissed.

Trust me they wished theyd never entered.

As they wall nutted the cemented joist.

Me and this other guy had to hoist those fools from the bar.

They hadn't travelled far

They said they came to teach these people a lesson.

And that they weren't messing.

My patience they were testing.

And probably yours too as you read through

They were beaten black and blue.

Even though that's what they came to do

A surprise assault on the gay club.

Though it was they who were beaten up to dirty dub.

They came into the bar like a locust flood.

Like vampires tying to draw blood.

From an unsuspected victim.

So, me and two guys kicked em

Straight out the door.

We could have been as brutal as them and released the gore.

Though we had humility and didn't kick them while they were on the floor.

After it all died down some guy said yo what's up

I replied I'm not gay I just enjoy the sounds

And the welcoming vibes.

The guy replied then gay prides alive.

Any kind of hate I don't abide.

If two consenting adults love each other this should be applied

It shouldn't matter what sexuality they are Nor what colour they are love should not be denied.

Maybe one day it will just be implied

And love as a concept will be unified.

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