Lost at sea
Lost at sea poem stories
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Anxiety is like a voyage on a ship. A poem about how in the times of our lowest we can discover something about ourselves or life that gives us fortitude and guidance.

Lost at sea

Anxiety is like a voyage on a ship.

Anguish and panic as the tide rips.

The waves crash against the minds hull.

The current a panic moves with ferocious pull.

Nautical navigation from a field of black.

One shining element of hope keeping you on track.

The most haunting thing is in day there is no natural guide.

It is not until the night when the sun hides.

That amongst the darkness the confusion subsides.

Like when in the absolute darkness a glimmer is found.

A glimmer of hope that we need to expound.

What ever that moment is in the cold of night.

That moment that keeps your ship afloat.

That moment of calm on the water that does not rock your boat.

Hold on to that and steer starboard.

And stay on board.

For one day the sea will be less rocky.

And the tide gentle and smooth.

Until that time comes hold on to that glimmer in the dark night.

Stay focused on that of which you saw in the darkness keep sight.

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