Dear America with my Kindest Regards
Dear America with my Kindest Regards poem stories

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I decided to write what was in my heart. America you have long been an idealisation of unity. Be that once more.

Dear America with my Kindest Regards

There is nothing more divisive than a leader that sympathizes with people of hatred.

We should sing more decisively about the guises that hides that red color bled.

That hides the fact we share this floating rock; no man is meant to stand atop.

Why should we have someone aloft, when they are so out of touch with modernity that they seek remedies millennia old.

Was it bold or a foolish statement from a leader to divide with a wall, a nation of immigrants from the rest of us all?

What has been built from an outsider looking over your wall is a country divided doomed to fall from the esteem of humanity.

Such hatred and profanity are spread, yet is martin Luther king's dream dead?

We all the people of the world on election day turn our heads.

To the united states a place that is the greatest social environment on the earth.

Multiculturalism and harmony in this election should be unearthed.

Harmony among the peoples of America is reflective on the crisis of the worlds lack of unity.

I do not hate trump but I can see a nation that needs change and to be unified.

So, that civil unrest may be seen to have died.

We the people of the west see America as the best picture of social harmony.

Yet the misinformation has got many thinking the profanity, the profanity that continues is a trump smear.

Do you know what really grinds my gears?


Ignorant misguided yobs seeking to hurt and kill.

Yet trump still said there was good people on each side.

My heart sank and died the day I witnessed that on the television.

Such hatred and division. There is no place on this earth for this social ill to continue.

Yet a leader validates this and so acts in sinew.

Look at what is within you.

You are an earthborn and beyond that an American a member of the most influential state in the world.

It's a time you can vote to see a better morality unfurl.

For every boy and girl watching on in trepidation.

Hoping to see the civil rights movement truly take hold.

No one should be left to the cold no one left to die young or old based on their cast.

You have the choice to set a precedent for all of us in the world.

That you choose someone who speaks diligent and caring words for a wider picture of sustainability.

Trump has displayed his inability to adhere to social distancing at his rallies for this contest.

When many are dying of corona, god bless.

Trump is not the worst option but what is best?

It's time for Martin Luther king's dream to once more be professed.

It's time that black lives matters are not just a matter of life or death but that our brethren of earth are caressed.

I cannot stress enough how we are brethren children of the earth members for some of the family of a God.

Why should we allow someone who sympathizes with racist yobs rule the USA and indeed lead this planet.

I mean for goodness sake he has walked away from NATO as so to speak.

He has left the planets wellbeing for the next generation turmoil he bequeaths.

We are one species and this is what the world seeks someone who will comply with measures that will restore balance to the planet's health.

Yes, laissez faire rugged individualism are good for the economy's health.

But what about humanities and the planets social wealth.

Look inside yourself and delve.

Before the ballot paper is counted and shelved.

Before your nation elects a leader, who represents those who care for no one else.

He has had his time elect a man who has seen the sign of the times.

America`s president represents not just the integrity of its people.

It represents the integrity of our world a melting pot of peoples.

We look to you as our steeple that holds the world image together.

Trump may have more to do but there are some whom support he who are malice and cruel.

He has added fuel to the fire.

It's time for him to retire.

Perhaps in your state he has done a great job but for goodness sake look higher.

There are more states in your nation that need something good to transpire.

There are so many people on earth watching on waiting for you to seek something higher.

I am not saying vote Biden I am saying vote for the integrity of morality.

Humanity is not a something utopian nor a sentimentality.

It is the truth in its totality; we are, you are, I am a member of the one race.

On this earth our one and only place.

Humanity looks on to see if democracy will misplace an opportunity to turn from disunity.

Or let your Trump act with impunity as he gallivants on the worlds stage.

Putting the good name of the USA to waste.

Some may say my words are in bad taste.

I just want to see a morrow where people will set aside support for trump despite fear of losing face.

It's never too late to choose your place among a people who say we are all here to face the world with compassion, love, morality and a love for democracy.

Give us security and lead the world once more as a nation of all peoples with amore.

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