Cyrch A Chwta Poems -Grimm Distance-
Cyrch A Chwta Poems -Grimm Distance- cyrch a chwta poem stories

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This is my attempt at Cyrch A Chwta Poems with a Grimm fairy-tale aspect on the matter of Love and distance

Cyrch A Chwta Poems -Grimm Distance-

The fair ladies eyes and lips

fountain of youth we don't sip

the age old curse never rip

heart and fortitude shan't dip

The bewitched begin to grip

frostiness begins to nip

Then start the conquest of love

Cold heart of man often whip

Forward, suddenly stumbles

He then begins to grumble

Then he roars then he rumbles

with his soul whole and humble

towards her he then tumbles

he knows he can not crumble

then find lost love feelings deep

In mind love starts to jumble

Without yet one word to say

In essence they seek to stay

Though a witch force them away

coerced to night one in day

Long distance begins a fray

waiting hope for love and pray

view of the moon and the sun

To see soon Juliette play

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