Creation and faith #godtalkseries
Creation and faith 

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Life is so complicated. And complex.

Creation and faith #godtalkseries

Life is so complicated.

And complex.

So, if I said to you there is a god would you be vexed?

If, so, then get ready for what comes next.

Evidence of god is there its just how you inspect

On what you expect.

Life is real and tangible. Making the leap of faith is not always manageable.

Prospects of what we cannot see. We have to see what god has given thee.

A shining sun to signal a new day that has begun.

To rise to the challenges, we face. All the mysteries of space.

The sensory pleasures of our taste. Running in the rat race.

Yet with this and more we exhibit haste, to accept our creator.

Some are even avid haters.

All good things come from God when we accept that we are back on track.

To accepting and selecting the good point of view.

When Jesus came he promised something new.

A covenant of Love for all of you.

If not Jesus what faith will seize us?

What beliefs will besiege us?

What will be our philosophy and features?

Or will we be soulless creatures.

And let our ego defeat us

There is so much choice in faith

That choosing one is like we strafe

Which path is clear and loving?

It shouldn't be apparent all of a sudden

Finding faith is hard and many say they wouldn't.

They would not even contend to wonder what is of the end.

A thinking breathing animal.

If we know it or not we are aware

Of god being there.

At least as a concept.

Do not be deceived. When life and its majesty has been received then we can begin to contrive

There is more to life than being alive.

Like the love and fellowship at your side.

Every moment of pride.

Overlooked by many that came before and the god waiting at your door.

Knock and he shall answer you

This means you must reach out to reach on through.

To the truth and the knowledge

That is here for you.


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