Contemplation upon the Hillside
Contemplation upon the Hillside poem stories

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Those purple and green hills I long for
A memoir about a place that I once spent a great deal of time in contemplation.
A tad late for the prompt but ey well.

Contemplation upon the Hillside

Those purple and green hills

I long for

The long pause of the wind

And the changing seasons that make me grin.

The meditation and praise

The place where I diligently wiled away my days.

The solemn space was the place in which books I grazed.

Knowledge I found from both within and the world

Whilst upon that hill I was unfurled

Nurturing the natural growth of the land and myself

It truly was good for my health.

Yet, now I am far from the hillside.

Though these revelations I am not denied.

As I set forth in life with almighty stride.

I can look back and say I laughed and cried

Upon that hillside.

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