Civilisation VII {Established History} The End of the Middle Ages
Civilisation VII {Established History} The End of the Middle Ages poem stories

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The end of The Middle Ages leading to the ages of colonialism. the civilisation series is entering a sensitive time due to it being a more recent time and the severity of the period. Thanks for reading on this journey through civilisation.

Civilisation VII {Established History} The End of the Middle Ages

1380 Chaucer writes the Canterbury tales over 17000 lines 24 stories in prose or verse.

These stories would make middle English entrenched and terse.

What followed next in England was the peasant's revolt in which they tried to break the serfdom curse. 1381

After the bubonic plague and the collection of corpses on wagon hearses.

Inflation and taxation were at an all-time high the hundred years war still waged and French invasion was nigh. The Crown government created the first poll tax.

Nonetheless the peasants armed with sickles, pitch fork and pick axe they rallied together the biggest civil movement of this epoch.

Though many were executed and put in stocks, it sent a shock to the ruling elite that they should never try to economically destroy the ones they employ in their serfdom.

The same year the Bible was first translated into English by Jon Wycliffe.

In order to destroy the rift between Christ and his followers.

1389 The battle of Kosovo the Christian Serbian army fall at the hands of Byzantine and their empire extends into Vienna. Bulgaria falls in the following years.

1397 Queen Margaret with her bold charisma unites the kingdoms of Sweden, Norway and Denmark. It's a matter of short-lived years until these nation-states from the unification disembark.

1399 the Plantagenet retire their dominion of England and reside in the aristocracy.

1409 Zheng He begins a naval conquest as far as Eastern Africa from China. The legends leave their mark. A Muslim who converted to Buddhism under Mings authority.

He was then integrated into the polity.

The Portuguese invent the notion of overseas empire. Conquering regions of Africa; Ceuta.

The battle of Agincourt England rises to dominance over the French leaving a scar on French prestige.

1428 Joan of Arc returns a semblance of dignity to both sides though fighting on behalf of the French.

Trialled as the devil's wench who would wear male clothes. Later to be given sainthood and forever have her dignity enrobed.

1434 the Medici create the proto genesis of the modern banking system. To the great disgust of many Christians.

1439 the printing press becomes a widespread phenomenon in Europe some 500 years after its invention in China. 150 years after the widespread distribution in China.

There is a sign of the Byzantine empire waning in the face of Hungary and Poland eventually over a period of some years and many battles the Turkish are victorious and end

the byzantine empire in exchange for their ottoman rule.

The official end of the Eastern Roman empire rends!

At the exact same time the 100 years war ends in north west Europe.

1464 the Dardanelles cannon is invented in the ottoman empire. Such a superior firearm that it would not be outdated for 400 years.

The war of the roses continues to unfurl...

The Onin war in Japan that would later turn into the Muromachi period lasting a 100 years.

The war of the roses ends the two cousins have a final battle at Bosworth and King Richard of the House of York Dies.

Henry Tudor reigns and the York loyalists due to the grand old duke of yorks good character hide his body so it cannot be hung drawn and quartered.

The slaughter continues until the battle of stoke.

The tepid victory for both the red and white flower united under the mixed Tudor lineage.

Then 1492 Chris Columbus arrives in America marking the new age of discovery.

The Spanish inquisition occurs, anyone who is not catholic is horrifically murdered or expelled this the first European secular nation fell.

Spain is unified and Portugal at its side both refusing to capitulate they sign a treaty and stipulate that they will divide the world under their control.

Later queen Elizabeth would come and strike against their chauvinistic hold.

The Spanish inquisition and Reconquista were the destruction of the Moor form of Islam, Protestantism, Paganism and instilled patriarchy. And restored the papacy.

And unified a devolved secular Spain.

Vasco da Gama the Portuguese conquer arrives in India.

The Sengoku period was in full swing in Japan.

In Africa there were many kingdoms that had stood the tests of time. And in this period more unification as people did bind. The Kingdom of Kongo the Lunda Empire.

The southern African empires fell into decline. Arabian Africa and Nubia steadfast in holding their Christian and Islamic tolerance as a sign of the unity of the previous time.

The climate in south Africa making it difficult for civilisation to be enshrined.

In the Americas the Inca and the Aztec empires expand through largely integration.

Building upon their agricultural revolutions and forming a great nation.

And in the final year of the middle ages in 1499 the ottomans are the first to use canons on their ships ushering in the new early modern era.

With the new Age of Discovery in the Americas great plagues enraptured the people of the Americas, Bubonic,

influenza and more all that had been a swath in Eurasia and Africa now fell at the door of the Americas.

Many of the conquistadors and explorers settled in the Americas so diseases did not get exchanged.

The wrath of the conquistador's chauvinism known to this day. Not that any of the empires were better in any way.

The combination of brutal retribution of violent acts and disease led to the genocide of many tribes and great cities of Inca and Aztec sacked.

The pilfering of Aztec gold and the legends of Eldorado led to the Spanish crown acquiring enough gold to become a world power and renowned.

Soon under the leadership of a women England would challenge this dominance and chauvinism. Although at times the British would lose their vision.

And under the rulership of men have the same chauvinism envisioned.

Through the imperial and empire periods it would fluctuate eventually the commonwealth would amalgamate. And basic civil rights were guaranteed to those in the imperial empire.

That is not to say great injustices were not attired.

Yet sometimes the commonwealth was acquired without a bullet fired. For a Female leader for the sakes of many people's daughters people aspired.

Propaganda of the United States would have you not believe.

That sometimes there was no need for siege just for the magna carta and other ideals to be beseeched.

Ultimately how could such a tiny island ever conquer the land mass that it did?

We must open our minds to how humanity insists unity can persist.

Equality that never desists. Though injustice of course was rife and did persist aong all the European powers. I do not wish to abscond England and give it impunity.

Nonetheless among the European powers there was more unity between the man and the woman.

Although the white man's burden was still summoned.

There are no excuses and it is intrusive, but we must acknowledge the good in an era of dark history and domination.

For the dream of the English queen was to build an equal nation.

A world of peace and prosperity. Remember there were many empires that acted nefariously. In the entirety of human civilisation.

We have to see the glimmer of hope the unifying equation.

I am not appraising the Empire, but I shall not retire the notion of the Queen.

It came to pass that a Woman would be given the Divine Right of Kings. In this time still women are not even allowed to vote in some nation states.

The treatment of the people of Africa by the European powers and to a significantly lesser extent China is inexcusable. Earth born I seek not to abscond the British responsibility. Just to display something positive about the era.

Do not let anger overwhelm Take unity by the helm and join in the cry for a unified world. One Nation-State under the Stars.

Earthborn Conceived in the stars, Born in Africa, Raised in the Cradle of civilisation, Unity restored by mongol invasion, Continents to collide and though there was deprivation. The Human Family was made a closer nation.

Thanks for reading Earth Born I hope the veneration of a Female ruler is not offensive. And is quite the contrary and reminds us of equality.

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