Civilisation VI {Established History} The Dark Ages- Our Mongrel Heritage
Civilisation VI {Established History} The Dark Ages- Our Mongrel Heritage poem stories

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1206 Genghis Khan is elected as ruler of the Mongolian empire. The bad king John who sired more children than anyone on earth.

Civilisation VI {Established History} The Dark Ages- Our Mongrel Heritage

1206 Genghis Khan is elected as ruler of the Mongolian empire.

The bad king John who sired more children than anyone on earth.

Signs the Magna Carta.

Ensuring that human rights would never depart from the British hitherto.

Some say that this was a revival of the Anglo-Saxon constitution though.

Lost in the battle of 1066 when William the conqueror did overthrow the Anglo-Saxons from their dominion.

It is arguably a matter of opinion but one thing we know is that from the magna carta more liberties over time would flow.

And no other King in medieval Europe retired such power then no other king had turned his feudal lords and folks so sour to him.

In 1212 the Spanish defeated the Moors the Islamic inhabitants of Europe and had them expelled.

Forgotten was how they once had division quelled and lived peacefully.

Then in 1215 15th of June the Magna Carter is officially sealed and becomes a part of the unwritten constitution of Britain.

The fourth council of Lateran demand that Jews and Muslims were badges to signify they are not Christian people.

There truly is corruption at the very heart of the papacy steeple.

To reap the full injustice of religion upon Europe, to ignore the stirrup of mercy that Jesus had taught.

The arrogant genocidal maniacs stood taught.

The last semblance of women's influence on society is felt in Tortola's medical journals. Soon the blanket of an authoritarian church would kernel silence of all women's influence.

Genghis Khan dies in 1227

And the prospect of a kingdom of heaven becomes a dark one in Europe morality all normatively gone.

1258 The Mongols reach the heart of the Islamic empire and acquire rule in Baghdad.

Meanwhile in Vietnam they rejoice and are glad as they fight off the divided Mongol forces.

And according to Christian sources the philosophy of Thomas Aquinas is published 1274 declaring we must search for god due to our sentient minds for evermore.

Rudolph the 1st of Germany is appointed holy roman emperor. There is nothing to temper of the injustice of the Genocide and instalment of patriarchy in Europe.

1287 The Mongul empire now acting out of China has the Vietnamese bend to the knees and pay tributaries to the empire.

1297 William Wallace with his Braveheart descends into the northern lands of England to resist and to see the tyranny desist though for not much longer does this persist.

He is soon turned into a wisp and executed for treason, though his reasons are remembered as the Norman treatments of peoples like dismembered bodies the message was carried a far.

During this time in 1298 Marco Polos describes his journeys in china and consolidates the trade routes like never had been seen before.

Again, the French lineage reaps wrath and has the templars amassed on Friday the 13th and has them all executed.

It cannot be refuted the French aristocracy at this time an evil one.

The Popes are cast out of the Vatican due to their intolerance and genocidal demeanour against all non-Christians the period known as the Babylon captivity begins.

In isolation they pay for their sins.

Christianity splinters and in dedication and on whims people begin again to sing the hymns that were once sang before the times the Roman empire outlawed all other forms.

The people in dissent from the hell full scorn that was brought upon them by propaganda and the willingness to condemn.

Now a new era of Christianity was upon them. Protestantism began to rise a greater union with god in the people's eyes and grasp.

1314 the battle of Bannockburn in Scotland that returns devolved powers to Scotland the right for an independent monarch. Culminating in 1328 with the treaty of Edinburgh.

In 1333 in Japan the emperor is returned to rule for a brief 3 years then the shogunate return to power in the form of the Ashikaga shogunate.

The French and the English begin the Hundred years war. It is a deplorable time the concentration of wealth has never seen such concentration even now. The corruption of both sides deplorable.

The legends of Joan of arc extoll able.

The black death encroaches Europe and wipes out around 40 percent of the population. The rulers of Europe begin to work on city planning out of desperation.

New progressive innovations are swept to the side as the tide of the hundred years war takes precedence.

1368 the Yuan Dynasty in China falls in essence that means so does the Mongol empire.

Although by this time they have sired children as far as Hungary and even further.

The Chinese blood lines once and for all meld with the Europeans. The Viking blood line that had built the Mongols having swept across China. DNA becoming ever more inextricably linked.

And if this means nothing cultures were in sync. We are all because of the Mongols Mongrels.

They spread the Chinese DNA across Europe and indeed the whole of Eurasia.

The Norse men who settled in Mongolia from the centre of Europe as far as Paris and Britannia that crevassed Russia.

Helped with the Mongol indigenous population usher in a new time of unity of DNA.

It is an undeniable truth by the way. You can listen to any element of propaganda you wish but this is a beautiful truth of what empires so large can do. Bring together humanity through conquest.

And its sorrowful and should never be sought to be something of jest but through slavery, warfare and conquest. We see a world of ever-growing integration.

1492 would mark Chris Columbus' voyage and herald the era of discovery of the new world.

Yet the legends of Easter island revive this notion of Americas integration not being silent. Prior to the period of Columbus.

French Polynesia the islands of Ascension, Hawaii, Azores and Iceland.

All hand in hand giving a plateau for Eurasia to sail to Americas. Not to mention the ice field of Alaska between Russia.

So, although the time of Columbus hitherto would usher a new wave of our family history it should not be a mystery that we were always one family.

With the voyage to the new world we all became descendants of the Mongols! Although, the conquest of the New world was often as sad one it united as the United States!

So, Earthborn You are born of earth, conceived in the stars. Took your first steps in Africa. Raised in the cradle of civilisation. And the Mongols reunited our lost nation. WE ARE ONE PEOPLE!

Speak of unity. Use the internet to foster connections across the globe. Remember earth born no Nation stands alone!

For all those who read this series I thank you If this is the only one you have read I thank you. If, you have been with us since the begging of the civilisation period I praise your staying power and give you thanks.

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