Civilisation V {Established History} The Middle Ages & The Light of Unity
Civilisation V {Established History} The Middle Ages & The Light of Unity poem stories

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Civilisation V Welcome back to the civilisation series we are now going to talk about world history during the middle ages. And discuss how it was a time of light and unity outside europe.

Civilisation V {Established History} The Middle Ages & The Light of Unity

Civilisation V

Welcome back to the civilisation series we are now going to talk about world history during the middle age.

That is how much did people migrate; how much did information and invention flood the earth?

The intention is to show how the entirety of the world has worth and our interconnected nature as one unified species upon this floating rock.

Now sit back and take stock and be prepared to see the light of the dark ages that prior you may have not.

The dark ages purportedly named so due to the lack of organised civilisation in the west.

To have a focus like this on history is detestable instead we must contest it is the middle ages.

So, as you read through the pages, I invite you to think about how wisdom was shared across Eurasia by many sages. How too empires melded, and people fled.

However, in Europe people rarely left their home stead. It was a period of stagnation due to the fact that Europe was ran by feudal lords.

However, empires abroad were melding and building accords.

Unknown is the exact date however on the island of Britannia the Celts slowed their inevitable defeat at the hands of the Saxon people at The Battle of Mons Badonicus.

577 the Celtic tribal system of unified roman Britannia is broken the Saxons separate Cornwall and wales still far from Hadrians wall the decisive Battle of Deorham shakes the Celts in one gust.

Meanwhile china under Sui briefly reunites as one nation state in a few decades this unity once again hushed.

St Augustine arrives in Kent England and begins to convert the Anglo-Saxon people into a Christian nation.

St David arrives in North wales to convert the Celts into an ascetic Christian ideology.

St Patrick arrives in Ireland and spreads the Christian ideology with great ferocity.

Teotihuacan civilisation in Mexico is destroyed by a purposefully ignited blaze nobody is sure why they did it to this day.

In 632 the death of Mohamed and his ostensible ascension to paradise. Everyone had now turned to his image of Jesus in Arabia.

Abu Bakhr the first caliphate of the Islamic empire ascends, the Islamic empire essentially bends to its will the eastern roman empire and the Persian empire.

Extends into spain through Africa and the south of greater china in Rohingya.

People in Europe it is noted by historians begin to look fondly upon the lifestyle of the Spanish as reason and new inventions are predominant.

The idea of fleeing the feudal system and moving to Spain and the east becomes dominant.

In Islam slavery is forbidden so there is a great period of freedom that flows across Spain up to border of China.

Although, in the soon to be future the Arabs would become elitist and corrupt. And their empire would fall in the most abrupt manner.

In present day

It is desperately sad what has happened in the nation of Rohingya the followers of Jesus have been victim to a re-education.

Yet they are the mouth nation for Millenia the central route into china for migration and dissemination. Today the Jews, Christians and Muslims have had their faith face cessation.

Repatriation a whole culture lost a missing piece of the puzzle of our interconnectivity. Destroyed due to islamophobias acidity. Spread from west to east.

Returning to the timeline of civilisation just prior to the Islamic unification of the two empires.

634 the battle of Heavenfield in Britannia the Anglo-Saxons consolidates their power over the welsh in a decisive victory that quells the Celts and reduces the size of wales to what we have

in present day.

638 The Muslims and Christians fight aside each other to free Jerusalem from the remnants of Judaic Roman occupation. And cast the sinners away.

The Caliph makes secular provision for Jerusalem. Allowing Christians to live happily, the Jews are treated brutally but they too allowed to worship.

The Islamic empire extends its arms into Alexandria In Africa. The work of Saint Catherine centuries before paved the way for Islamic monotheism to integrate the Christians, she set the bar.

In Japan the Soga clan falls in 645 after bringing from China and Korea Confucianism and Buddhism.

In 663 the synod of Whitby commences and Celtic ascetic Christianity bows to the Vatican. No longer does the beauty of Irish Christian asceticism rule.

In 698 the Arab empire absorbs Carthage yet at this stage they are still pushed back by the byzantine and Bulgarian people whom are enraged.

However, the next stage an important cultural step.

Geographically turkey is in Europe hitherto however from now they are to forgo their cultural unity the Christians begin in turkey the iconoclast movement.

The removal of all idols from the Christian pantheon and church.

The pope Gregory the 2nd goes berserk.

The definitive cultural movement began the decline in the byzantine involvement with the rest of Europe and paved the way for Islam to overwhelm the nation later.

Death of Bede the legendary historian of Britain. For he had recorded as much as he could humanly have written.

This time it is required that the Franks stop the Caliphate empire, the Battle of Tours under the leadership of Charles Martel.

The then corruption of the caliphate was highlighted, and that caliphate fell.

The Abbasid Caliphate began songs of unity among all followers of Jesus were sang.

The Ummah extended to the Christian and even the Jew and the racial lines contrary to Islam that the Arabs drew were cast out from the caliphate rule!

Their epicentre of this progressive change modern day Iraq. The odds were stacked but unity among peoples became a fact.

The Vikings sack Lindisfarne in 793 marking the beginning of there dominion that would extend all the way across modern day Russia. And even eventually into turkey and Prussia.

Meanwhile in Europe there was a brief time the Christian reunited under Charlemagne the old roman empire under Christianity became intact.

800AD he is given the crown of the New Holy Roman Empire the title Kaiser rules once more.

Though soon 30 years after his death the unity of Europe would drop through the floor. It would once again wain and return to the feudal system and way.

In China Gun Powder is invented. Traditional warfare soon to be circumvented globally except in Japan where the Samurai would go on to fight nobly until the black ships arrived.

The caliphate empire overwhelms the southern shores of Italy. Reigns in Sicily. And soon short-lived faces a gristly end.

In 810AD The House of Wisdom is built in the middle east compiling all great scientific wisdoms from the west and the far east.

This would be the source of the uniformalised knowledge that would relinquish Europe from the dark ages during the enlightenment period.

So, we have to think about how our histories are united in this period.

The Vikings spread across Russia into the far east. There Norse driven ideology giving them the strengths of beasts and the demeanour of protective gods.

They conquer England in 866 and all the nations unify under Alfred. At the exact same time in Japan the Fujiwara period began.

In 868 the first printed book is made in China literacy begins to rise and the fulfilment of civilisation reaches a pinnacle in its potential with this prize invention.

874AD The Norsemen settle Iceland from their they use it as a landing point to enter the new world of North America. The connection with the New world after centuries is restored.

The ancient civilisations that once implored the connection faintly remembered in mythology.

899 Alfred the great of England dies unity wains for a time.

The south American empires collapses.

907 the period of the ten kingdoms begins in China unity elapses.

Just north the Vikings are settling and just south the caliphate is settling.

The silk road is bringing integration of peoples and knowledge.

The human family grows closer as one once more.

People settling and not overwhelmed by blind nationalism.

As humanity continues its journey of movement and collective dynamism.

It would be 300 years until the Mongols ascend and rule over the greatest landmass that Earth has ever known as an empire. They would go on to sire children in every corner of Eurasia.

Unifying all bloodlines.

Join us next time in Civilisation Six and see how these 300 years betwixt with the Mongul ascension brought about the undeniable truth and pretention of humanity as one family.

Candidly Earth Born I remind you we are one people from the begging and all through the eras. I thank you for joining me as we voyaged through our history and heritage.

Thanks for reading Earthborn I appreciate it a lot... This was a long Chapter in the series. You did great.

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