Civilisation IX {Established History} The Armada's & Entrepreneurship
Civilisation IX {Established History} The Armada's & Entrepreneurship  poetry stories

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Welcome back and to new readers you can delve in here no need to read the first 8 episodes if you don't want. We start in 1575 civilisation IX Oda Nobunaga the infamous Samurai conquers Nagashima fortress

Civilisation IX {Established History} The Armada's & Entrepreneurship

1575 civilisation IX

Oda Nobunaga the infamous Samurai conquers Nagashima fortress a significant landmark in quelling the warrior monk rebellion against samurai rule.

In 1578 the first official Dalai Lama is ordained though there are two predecessors a living reincarnation not a ghoul.

Sir Francis drake circles the world the first Briton to do so, he is a fierce hater of the Spanish though and raids and attacks Spanish possessions.

In 1580 the royal reception instigates an obsession for the Spanish king to build the Spanish armada and impounds British ships in Spanish ports.

This was the spark that ignited the kindle the war was destined to be fought.

After the loss of Sebastian, the Portuguese king in a battle in Morocco some years prior there was a dire need for someone to ascend the throne.

Instead the Spanish King Phillip united the courts. Portugal and Spain were one for 60 years more.

1580-86 the Jesuit arm of the Vatican reaches over Nagasaki; Nobunaga is infuriated and desires to extinguish every Christian.

However, in 1582 it is he who is extinguished, assassinated to be precise he rolled the dice with his severe treatments of peoples and eventually his own general turned against him.

Akechi Mitsuhide assassinated Nobonaga assembling 13000 troops at the door of a temple and setting flames around the vicinity.

It was the indemnity of the people, for too long had the tyrannical slaughter of Nobunaga been brought upon Japan.

Akechi Mitsuhide had sworn to Nobunaga that if he ever became to ruthless he would chop him down. Among other reasons that ostensibly incentivised.

Russia with great might conquers large swaths of Siberia and the Mongol empire was reduced and finally died.

At that moment the Pope Gregory XIII introduced the Gregorian calendar, used in most of the world today.

1585 the informal Anglo-Spanish war begins and there are numerous forays across the both sides of the Atlantic.

And in 1588 the queen of England consolidates her support and rallies the troops with a speech at Tilbury putting an end to the notion that only men may rule.

The British went on to expel the Armada. The beginning of the British empire started.

A year later the Spanish went on to expel the British Fleet.

In 1590 Toyotomi Hideyoshi held the Hojo clan to defeat and unified Japan oncemore.

In 1591 Moroccan soldiers defeat the long-lasting Songhai empire in Mali opening the door to creating a power vacuum.

And soon John Stow recorded that London is overwhelmed with a plague that kills 10000 or more 190000 become immune.

In this decade Japan attempts two invasions of Korea both quelled by the assistance of Ming China.

Also, the war between the Habsburg-monarchy and the ottoman Turks runs through and into the middle of the next decade.

1597 'Romeo and Juliet' was published.

In 1600 the battle of Sekigahara was fought in Japan and the Tokugawa shogunate consolidated rule over the unified Japan. And in came the Edo epoch.

Elizabeth the 1st signs a charter giving a mandate for the British east India company to advance into Asia.

1601 the battle of Kinsale the Spanish and Irish force is defeated at the hands of the English and the Gaelic aristocracy and Gaelic tribal system eradicated.

Meanwhile the famine in the first three years of this century devastated Russia and killed almost 1/3 of the population.

In 1602 the Dutch east India companies unify and begin the Dutch golden age.

The king of Scotland takes the English throne.

In 1605 the failed gunpowder plot.

In 1607 Jamestown, Virginia is settled by the English the first settlement they have in north America.

In 1608 Quebec is settled by the French in Canada.

The Spanish establish governance of their region New Mexico and act out of the settlement Santa Fe.

Matteo Ricci largely heralded for bringing Christianity to china dies and sees his last day in Beijing in 1610.

1611 the British set up trade posts throughout Indonesia.

That same year the first publication of the King James Bible in English was published. So that all English speakers can hear Christs call.

In 1615 the battle of Osaka takes place and the Tokugawa Shogunate consolidate power once and for all.

1616 Tokugawa Ieyasu and William Shakespeare die.

Then in 1620 the Brownist Pilgrims arrive in the Mayflower at Cape Cod. The first pilgrims of the new world.

So, we can see the world is starting to become more interconnected at this time on the grounds of trade.

The modern banking system in Europe instigated a desire for wealth and entrepreneurship.

No longer was there a huge rift between the Plantagenet and the serf. There was the beginning of a meritocracy. The ability to move the social ladder.

A woman had proved to Europe and the chauvinist Vatican that a women can rule despite there attempts to undermine her.

Peoples of Europe begin settling in foreign lands in such insignificant numbers, yet they start a life that would form the modern world as we know it.

The age of the Chinese and Mongol settlements in Europe had ended but this new era of European settlements began.

We are one family we are human. And our bloodlines mixed far more recently than we could ever imagine under the nationalistic paradigms of our modern era.

Under those paradigms of nationalism, we have forgotten that Eurasia is a continent.

With a fluid movement of people since the beginning of civilisation.

We finish this civilisation episode circa 1620 thanks for joining on this voyage through human time.

My brethren, Earthborn, be wise know we are one people.

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