Civilisation IV {Established History} Empires Meld
Civilisation IV {Established History} Empires Meld poem stories

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Welcome back to the civilisation series if, you have just joined us on this voyage through time of the human nation Why not read through the previous information. Or sit back and enjoy the scintillation of this period of our history.

Civilisation IV {Established History} Empires Meld

Welcome back to the civilisation series if, you have just joined us on this voyage through time of the human nation Why not read through the previous information.

Or sit back and enjoy the scintillation of this period of our history.

Now to some people the content of this period remains a mystery. Due to the fact that they insist there to be no global network.

However when we let go of that quirk we quickly realise the globalised world that was in the year 30AD.

We do not have to collate endless books desperately.

We simply have to spend a few moments talking about the silk road.

How it connected eastern china to Spanish abodes. And how it was not actually a road per say but a foray of trade networks that though time consuming extended to the American continents.

By now you may be questioning if I have verbal incontinence.

There are many nuances that would exemplify why this is true however I have one simple thing to say to you.


Chris Columbus did not discover America he marked the beginning of an exodus from Europe this is true.

There was trade as ancient as the height of the Egyptian rule. We know this due to archaeology and the biological sciences.

Now make the necessary appliances of the mind because you will easily find that if they are able to sail stone up the Nile they can sail across the ocean for the many miles.

So, by the time it reached 30AD the silk trade routes were preestablished. And when China unified and began mass producing silk the routes were formally established.

Christ was ostensibly crucified in 34AD and his message disseminated the world the prince of peace's message of love began to unfurl.

43 AD Rome enters Britain they begin to instil their rule with it they bring chauvinism an alien concept to the people of Britain at that time.

They had many female rulers and scholastic scribes. All such as Boudica eventually waned and died as patriarchy began to be transcribed in pagan Britain.

There were formidable texts written on the Britain's and their barbaric attributes, yet sympathies were made for how both men and women equal in stature would hold the blades.

In china in the year AD65 The rulers began to adopt Buddhism.

It took 500 years for the reasoned belief system to permeate the aristocracy and for them to make such a noble decision to follow the path.

Jerusalem is sacked by the romans.

As if by ostensible divine retribution Vesuvius cause volcanic lava distribution over Pompeii.

Gan Ying of China went to the edge of the Roman Empire to discuss and extol wisdoms and exchange adoration.

And to make the roman empire a citation in Chinese history.

The Kingdom of Aksum is formed in Africa and great art and culture flourishes. The semblance of history nourishes the wanting mind.

Some of the tallest architecture hitherto in the kingdom of Aksum we can find.

Then around 15years later the Book of Han is written, and the formal history of China is recorded.

Hadrians wall is built in Britain signifying the most northern edge of Roman civilisation many roads and aqueducts are built and people are filled with adulation.

Marcus Arilues a great philosopher ascends to sovereignty in Rome a great period of thinking flourishes often heralded as the greatest emperor by the learned historian.

In 146 the Buddhist envoy An Shigao arrives in China heralded for speaking the message astutely.

The roman envoy arrives to speak of peace between peoples acutely.

Cai Wenji was born a female poet and scholar who attained great status in China emphasising the oscillation of patriarchy and the mercy of Cao Cao's rule.

Zhi Yao in 174AD translates the Buddhist scripts into the native language Chinese.

Marcus Aerilues' reign ends he bends the knees.

South east asia consolidates as one empire.

China descends into fragmented kingdoms.

With a temporary unity formed and then again lost.

Christians all across the roman empire are accosted. The Roman Empire is split into east and west. By Diocletian so he could remain leader and rostered.

Christianity begins to be accepted in the western roman empire then in 395 Theosdius declares all forms of Christianity except Catholicism illegal.

He commits to a rulership that is far from regal.

Then in 406 the Romans are finally expelled from Britain the Germanic tribes envision defeats of the romans across Europe.

They usurp the western roman control.

The Vandals release their fury and across Europe roll.

All the way to spain, by this time the roman empire is completely drained and all power in Europe wains.

Then in the eastern roman empire Mohammed's message of Islam begins its reign.

This is when Eurocentric history says that the roman empire was no longer ingrained in history and time.

Although a unbiased historian knows that the roman empire was retained under the name of Jesus, Mohamed and Allah.

The way we order the structure of history is very Eurocentric we designate epochs by the fall of Rome.

Yet the Roman empire continued in the form of the Byzantine empire its just the capital moved and Europe descended into a feudal system of organised chaos.

The Vandals attained control of Europe and brought chaos everywhere they went essentially the proto-for of the Vikings hailing from Poland extending into the Norse lands.

The vandals owing to their namesake brought about the end of the western Roman empire.

In the east Bohidharma began his journey to train the Shaolin Monks and teach of Buddhism.

In the middle east Mohamed began to teach of Jesus and a message of equality among races.

In Europe Saul or Paul's message was being carried across western Europe and the pagans turned to Jesus Christ.

All across the globe people were turning away from polytheism.

A new era of Monotheism began. A unilateral transformation across the global culture.

A grand cultural revelation.

The only ones to remain intact were Shinto and Hindu yet both teach an overarching alpha.

Together humanity accepted the notion of One God.

Although it should be noted that the Buddhist god is not anthropomorphised.

And in the Americas they had their animal spirits and other such empirics but they too had a notion of one god interlaced with ostensible shamanism.

The Adena culture and to an extent there was born utilitarianism.

And the Maya had Huracan who made the earth but again an alpha god presided.

So, before humanities eyes a new era began.

We in Europe call it the Dark ages, for others it was a period of great enlightenment.

Join me for the next civilisation episode and the excitement that we can have in our world history.

It should be no mystery to anyone that we are unified in this time by a dissemination of ideas.

Certainly, it was a slower process to the Americas but that too since ancient times was a concept alive!

We are one people this is our nation-state we call the world.

We share a history and our bloodlines melded everywhere due to trade commerce and war.

The roman empire extended into the east,

The various Indian kingdoms and the Chinese empire and the south east Asian empire all melded and exchanged ideas we know this because of recorded history. Gan Ying and many more.

So, let us do away with divisive things. And revel in our planets story I implore thee to see humanities history.

Our cousins in America soon to meld once more through plague and war. And sometimes thanksgivings. The interesting things is the Vikings that began living in the north America.

And the Chinese and Russians who began voyaging through Alaska was a constant phenomenon.

Our interconnectivity has never been gone we are one!

Now we have the digital age. The internet connects our human family in a brief second.

It is time one nation-state is beckoned!

For the sake of humanity's future one would reckon.

Unilateral attention to global warming can then be done, socio economic and peaceful policy can be won!

One human family

Conceived in the stars, born in Africa, nurtured in the cradle of civilisation, reunited by empires.

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