Civilisation I (Established History) {The Legacy of all Humans} First edit
Civilisation I (Established History) {The Legacy of all Humans} First edit poem stories

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The Stages of Human Time It began in a time known as pre-history. Warning not suitable for CREATIONISTS and a tough read, good luck and thanks for reading if you do so.

Civilisation I (Established History) {The Legacy of all Humans} First edit

The Stages of Human Time Disclaimer: This is the established fact of which the scientists of the world have designated as our History. It is not necessarily my view

It began in a time known as pre-history.

Before the time of writing other than tools and diet their lives somewhat a mystery.

Palaeontology teaches us this:

Though we do know Our mother land is sub-Saharan Africa.

So, that is why racism upon our human heritage is a massacre.

We were a small group of homo-sapiens yet to set out into the expanse of the world, all our lives hemmed.

The natural ecology was different then the deserts and mountains had safe passage condemned

Geology teaches us so...

Then the first failed creation of God stepped out of Africa into the world the Neanderthal the legacy unfurled. This is the lower Palaeolithic.

Then we the homo-sapiens finally had the jolt of consciousness we required to set out into the world the legacy of the failing creation of God unfurled. This is the middle Palaeolithic.

And the upper Palaeolithic began

Coexistence of the two species waned.

We the animal and the Neanderthal that reigned.

Began to reproduce as one, the rest fatal to the disease that we transmitted and other mysterious things were permitted.

Lucy the first Homosapien and Neanderthal child was born. The rest of Fathers species a fleeting phenomenon no longer to see the light of Earths dawn.

Their legacy of pictoral cave art upon rock was adorned.

This was the upper Palaeolithic.

We have now journeyed through half the stone age, join me in this journey through our human history turn to the next page...

The Mesolithic period this is the final part of the hunter gatherer nature of humanity. There lives and reality to be transformed and transcend.

With stone tools they did rend clothes of animal skin travelling in tribes with their kin. Nomadic no territory to war over only the herds that they watched over.

We began to use pottery and refined textiles.

We began to bury the dead in the ground.

No longer leaving our kins bodies to be eaten by eagles, hyenas, sabretooth's nor hounds.

The first graves are called burial mounds.

Then came the Neolithic it began approximately 12000 years ago.

Or this a theory of the scientist and the people of intelligent design, please do not resign continue to listen to the flow.

The first development of farming began. We learnt how to do the action of husbandry of animals(how to tame the feral) and how to tend to the needs of a seed.

And this was when civilisation truly began to flourish alongside our farms and gardens.

Our unnatural borders between our people began to harden.

And nations were born.

Then came the Chalcolithic period an epoch of metallurgy, bronze and copper began to flood the world as knowledge of it disseminated the planet and flood from nation to nation.

Now the nations had blades of metal. Some 7000 years ago. And the phenomenon of warfare began to grow.

Though still the earth was plentiful that soon changed peoples multiplied.

Protohistory began and the power to read and WRITE began to flood the land.

Once every nation achieved at least in the elite and the esteemed the ability to write the beginning of Ancient history commenced.

Great pyramids rose in sand and Gods began to rule over human!

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